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Bachleda, F. Lynne
Badger, David
Baker, Mark A.
Ball, Alice Breuer
Baly, Shakira "Arikah Nash"
Barcus, Sam
Batey, Marie
Bell, Madison Smartt
Bell, Sandy Ward
Bell, Stephanie Renee
Benesch, James E.
Bennett, Harold C.
Benton, Thomas Hart
Berger, Sarah
Berger, Steve

Bernet, William
Blackmer, Robert B.
Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Blackwell, William L.
Blackwood, Cheryl Prewitt
Boatman, Ellie
   see Akin, Genie
Bond, Octavia Zollicoffer
Booker, Monroe J.
Booth, Carolyn J.
Bowman, Virginia McDaniel
Boyd, Lucas G.
Bransford, Helen
Britnell, Angela
Bronleewe, Matt
Brown, H. Jackson
Brown, Jesse Glenn
Browne, Harry
Bumpus, Paul Franklin
Burbank, Sally Willard
Burnett, Peter H.
Burrus, Barbara
Byrd, Nicole
    see Place, Michelle and Zach, Cheryl

Bachleda, F. Lynne (1951-  )  
A resident of Fairview since 1996, Lynne Bachleda purchased her acre of Williamson County with earnings from writing in connection with the state’s bicentennial. A freelance curator and exhibit planner, she researched and wrote materials for the Bicentennial Capitol Mall in collaboration with the Tennessee State Museum. In 1998 Bachleda and museum curators completed the next stage of text for the mall’s Pathway of History. Her spiritual anthology, Blue Mountain, was rated by Amazon.com as one of the “Top 10 Inspirational Books for 2000.” She continues to research, edit, and write on a variety of subjects.
  • A Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, 2005
  • Canticles of the Earth, 2004
  • Dangerous Wildlife in California and Nevada: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2002
  • Dangerous Wildlife in the mid-Atlantic: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2001
  • Dangerous Wildlife in the Southeast: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2001
  • Blue Mountain: A Spiritual Anthology Celebrating the Earth, 2000
  • Pathway to Tennessee History, 1998
  • Network Television News: Conviction, Controversy, and Point of View (with Paul C. Simpson and Patricia G. Lane), 1995

Badger, David (1949-  )
A native of Willmette Illinois, David Badger received his A.B. degree at Duke University, his M.S.J. from Northwestern, and his Ph.D. in communication from UT-Knoxville. He moved to the Nashville area in 1976 and wrote book reviews and columns for the Tennessean for seventeen years and film reviews for public radio station WPLN while teaching journalism and motion picture history at Middle Tennessee State Universisty. In addition to the books he has authored, he has edited more than a dozen others.
  • –Lizards (with photographer John Netherton), 2003
  • –Snakes (with photographer John Netherton), 1999
  • –Frogs World Life Library (with photographerJohn Netherton), 1999
  • –Frogs (with photographer John Netherton), 1995
  • –Newscraft (co-author), 1982

Baker, Mark A.
Mark Baker emigrated with his family from Canada to Phoenix, Arizona, when he was four years old. He has a master’s degree in American Studies from Utah State University. For his thesis, he researched the difference between the pop culture image of the longhunter and the real woodsmen who inspired those stories. He expanded his thesis into a book. Baker is a recognized authority in such areas as the handling of a longrifle. For example, he served as a ‘coach’ for Daniel Day Lewis in the movie The Last of the Mohicans. Baker has contributed over 65 articles to Muzzleloader magazine since 1986. He has also contributed chapters to academic publications. As a resident ofWilliamson County, he has taught English and broadcast journalism atPage High School.
  • –Sons of a Trackless Forest: The Cumberland Longhunters of the Eighteenth Century, 1997

Ball, Alice Breuer (1944 - )
Alice Ball's books grew out of her experiences—one chosen, the other imposed. Both were written in her later years as a resident of Brentwood. Ball majored in interior design at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, had her own shop, and became a consultant in interior design. After years of experience, she wrote on the subject.  The imposed tragic experience, her first husband's illness and death as a young man, led to her second book. The book describes both the corruption and incompetence in parts of the medical world and Ball's healing spiritual experience of forgiveness. This book led to speaking engagements and a screenplay.
  • Patient Betrayal (with Timothy Kaine), 2003
  • Beauty Plus Utility: How to Decorate Your Home the Smart Money Way, 1996

Baly, Shakira "Anikah Nash" (1974 - )
Shakira has had a varied and busy career as a singer, songwriter, director, playwright, and music journalist. Born in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, she grew up in Sterling, Virginia and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee. Her pleasure in writing surfaced early; she wrote a book in first grade. Although much of her time and energy are spent in performing and writing songs, she established a publishing company for her recent book. She is open to creative endeavors as she encounters them. Shakira is also known professionally as Arikah Nash.
  • The Christmas Scene for All Seasons, 2004

Barcus, Sam (1946 - )
Born in Temple, Texas, Sam Barcus attended the University of Texas and the University of Houston. During his employment with Price Waterhouse, he relocated to Nashville. In 1987 he started his own technology consulting firm. His career benefited from a request from IBM for consultative sales training. Barcus moved to Franklin in 1996 and in 1998 started Newleaf Partners, a firm specializing in consultative selling. His books resulted from his work.
  • –The Relationship Advantage (with Tom Stevenson), 2003
  • The Handbook of Management Consulting Services (with Joe Walkman) [editor and contributor], 1994, 2nd edition
  • Financial Information Systems Manual [editor and contributor], 1991

Batey, Marie
Marie Batey, a native of Nolensville, attended Williamson County schools.  After business college, she worked 20 years as a secretary. Known for having written the history of the Nolensville Methodist Church and articles for the Williamson County Historical Society, she was asked by fellow officers of the Tennessee Conference of United Methodist Women to compile the centennial year history of the role of women in the Methodist Church in Tennessee. She made extensive contributions to Nolensville: 1797–1987 and continues her work in history and genealogy. Batey currently lives in Lewisburg.
  • A Legacy of Love, 1985

Bell, Madison Smartt
Madison Bell, the son of Circuit Court Judge Henry Denmark Bell, grew up on Manley Lane. A graduate of Montgomery Bell Academy and Princeton University, Bell is a prolific writer of novels and short fiction. In several of these works he has skillfully re-created the locale of his youth in Williamson County. He has taught creative writing and literature courses at Goucher College since 1984, as well as being a visiting lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, the Iowa Writers Workshop, and the Poetry Center of the 92nd Street YMHA in New York City. His short fiction is often found in anthologies and literary journals, and he has written screenplays, essays, and reviews. Some of his works have been translated into several languages. The Literary Committee of the Williamson County Arts Council elected Bell to the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • Devil's Dream, 2009
  • Freedom's Gate: A Brief Life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, 2007
  • Toussaint Louverture: A Biography, 2007
  • Anything Goes, 2002
  • Master of the Crossroads, 2000
  • Narrative Design: Working with Imagination, Craft, and Form, 2000
  • Narrative Design: A Writer's Guide to Structure, 1997
  • Ten Indians, 1996
  • All Souls' Rising, 1995
  • Save Me, Joe Louis, 1993–Dr. Sleep, 1991
  • Barking Man and Other Stories, 1990
  • Soldier's Joy, 1989
  • The Year of Silence, 1987
  • ZERO db and Other Stories, 1987
  • Straight Cut, 1986
  • Waiting for the End of the World, 1985
  • The Washington Square Ensemble, 1983
Madison Smartt Bell

Bell, Sandy Ward (1964 - )
Sandy Bell, a native of Victor, New York, credits her love of writing from reading. As a child she would spend Saturdays sitting in a bean bag chair and read Nancy Drew books. Sandy graduated from Geneseo State University of New Your in 1986. She worked as a DJ for 10 years, but after two years of marriage to her radio-programming husband, her career changed to mother and writer. Her family moved to Williamson County after living in New York, Augusta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She credits the tapestry of the different cultures, traditions, and native slang for the depth to the characters of her books. Sandy's writing reflects her motto to learn something new and extraordinary daily. She is working on a second novel with hopes of publication in 2013.
  • In Zoey's Head, 2010

Bell, Stephanie Renee (1989-2010)
Stephanie Renee Bell was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but moved to Williamson County at the age of 1. Stephanie was a prolific writer of five books; four novels and her autobiography. Along with her writing talents, Stephanie was an accomplished classically-trained pianist, guitarist, music composer and lyricist, writing more than forty Christian rap songs. Faith and God were important in her life and she wrote to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stephanie passed away in 2010.
  • A Saved Young Life Now in Heaven : The Autobiography and Other Chronological Writings of Stephanie Bell, 2012
  • Second Wind, 2012
  • Caramelle : There's No Place Like Home, 2012
  • Caramelle : Metamorphosis, 2012
  • Caramelle : Eternal Hope, 2012
Stephanie Bell

Benesch, James E. (1963 - )
James Benesch came to writing through technical and legal writing when as a young man he served as a military policeman/intelligence officer. He received the Army Commendation Medal for his work. In 1990 he received a law enforcement degree. He developed the craft of technical and legal writing. His interest in writing grew over a lifetime of varied work. He grew up and lived in the Chicago area before moving to Tennessee in 1991. He has held many organizational and advisory positions in private business, government and with charitable organizations. One of his specialties is budget and fiscal policy. He served on Mayor Karl Dean's Poverty Reduction Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee. He is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville. His non-fiction books reflect the principles he has garnered while serving on boards of many non-profit organizations.
  • Politics of Immortality,, 2005
James E. Benesch's book cover

Bennett, Harold C. (1924-2003)
Harold Bennett was born in Asheville, North Carolina, and graduated from Wake Forest University. He did graduate work at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Duke University, and Georgia Tech. Bennett pastored several Baptist churches. From 1967 to 1979, he was the Executive Director/Treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention. From 1979 to 1992, he served as President/Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention; after retirement, he served as president emeritus of the Executive Committee. He was an officer of the Baptist World Alliance and a board member of the American Bible Society. He wrote numerous entries for the Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, in both 1971 and 1982, and authored hundreds of articles for Baptist publications.
  • Reflections of Faith, 1983
  • God's Awesome Challenge (co-author), 1980
  • Faithful to the Lord (co-author), 1973

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782–1858)
Born in Orange County, North Carolina, Thomas Hart Benton and his siblings came to the Leipers Fork area with their widowed mother in 1800. Educated at the University of North Carolina, Benton began to study law in 1804 and became a member of the Franklin Bar in 1806, after which he had a lively practice here. He served in the Tennessee State Senate from 1809 until 1811. After a disagreement with Andrew Jackson led to a duel on the public square in Nashville, Benton moved to Missouri in 1815.  He represented Missouri in the United States Senate for 30 years supporting causes that opened the interior of our country to transportation and communication.  Above all, Benton was for preservation of the Union.
  • Thirty Years View, or A History of the Working of American Government for Thirty Years, 1854
Thomas Hart Benton

Berger, Sarah (1961 - )
Sarah Benton Berger was born in Pasadena, California and raised in Walnut, California as the youngest of three girls. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at California State in Fullerton and met husband Steve while attending Calvary Chapel in Brea. Together, they founded Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley in 1990. In 1994, they moved to Leipers Fork, Tennessee to establish Grace Chapel where she heads the Women's Ministry. Passionate about God's Word, Sarah enjoys Bible teaching and speaking as well as, creating jewelry using stones mentioned in the Bible. Loss of a child in 2009 prompted Sarah to coauthor her book with Steve.
  • Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth, 2010
Pastor Steve Berger

Berger, Steve (1964 - )
Steve Berger was born in Burbank, California, the youngest of three boys. A former drug and alcohol addict, Steve became a Christian in 1984 and shortly thereafter, attended Calvary Chapel Bible School in Twin Peaks, California. In 1987, he married Sarah Benton Berger with whom he has four children. In 1990, he was ordained by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California and founded Calvary Chapel Diamond Bar (now known as Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley.) In 1994, he and his family, along with three other families moved to Leipers Fork, Tennessee to plant Grace Chapel, where he continues to serve as senior pastor. He has delivered countless messages and training series. He is also a part of the teaching faculty of National Worship Leader Conference. He credits Christian greats A.W. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, C.S. Lewis and George Whitefield for helping to mold his life's ministry. Steve is a regular conference speaker.
  • 40 Days With the Word of Promise, 2008
  • Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth, 2010
Pastor Steve Berger

Bernet, William
Bill Bernet grew up in an air force family, living in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and Japan, but he calls Oklahoma home. Educated at Holy Cross College and at Harvard Medical School, he is well known as an expert regarding divorce, child maltreatment, and psychotherapy with adolescents, having contributed to many journals and textbooks. Dr. Bernet came to Nashville as medical director of the Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt. He then became director of Vanderbilt Forensic Psychiatry. He lived in Brentwood. Dr. Bernet helped to edit two handbooks on parenting for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology. He has written a book on divorce and co-authored a book on psychotherapy.
  • Children of Divorce: A Practical Guide for Parents, Attorneys, and Therapists, 1995
  • Fragile Alliance: An Orientation to Psychotherapy of the Adolescent (with Dr. John Meeks), 1990

Blackmer, Robert B. (1934–)
A native of the Thousand Island region of northern New York, Bob Blackmer was brought to Middle Tennessee by the United States Air Force in September of 1953. He is retired from the military and from his roles as company executive and business owner. He provided consultation to organizations and individuals in the fields of business planning and leadership through the International Speakers' Network. He was a Distinguished Toastmaster in the Bellevue and Brentwood Toastmaster Clubs. He was a professional speaker, but his true loves were playing Scrooge at Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin and also portraying Benjamin Franklin.
  • A.C.H.I.E.V.E.M.E.N.T.: 270 Tips to Boost Your Career, 1995
  • Living with Crippling Arthritis, 1989

Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Muriel Blackwell, a native Louisianan, moved to Brentwood in 1970. She holds a B.A. in English and journalism from Louisiana College and an M.Ed. from LSU. She taught English and creative writing in Louisiana public schools and designed curricula for both public and Christian education. She was the Director of the Preschool-Children Bible Teaching Division of the Baptist Sunday School Board (Lifeway) in Nashville. In addition to her books, she has published musicals and multimedia materials, and her work has appeared in educational and denominational journals and in the Cumberland Poetry Magazine. She has received honors both as an educator and as a writer and was listed in Who's Who of American Women, 1984.
  • How Do I Become a Christian?, 1990
  • The Keeping Shelf, 1985
  • The Dream Lives On, 1984
  • Called to Teach Children, 1983
  • The Secret Dream, 1981
  • Working Partners/Working Parents (with William L. Blackwell), 1979
  • Peter, the Prince of Apostles, 1976, 1981
  • Teaching Children in Sunday School, 1976
  • Potter and Clay, 1975
  • Adventures in Family Living, 1975
  • –Outreach for Children, 1971
  • Prairie Potpourri, 1966

Blackwell, William L.
A native of Forest, Louisiana, Dr. Bill Blackwell studied social science and psychology at Louisiana College, Louisiana State University, and University of Tennessee, and received his D.R.E. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth. While teaching at his alma mater, Louisiana College, he met his wife, Muriel. He pastored in Louisiana, and then moved to Brentwood in 1970 to serve as Associate Pastor and Director of Counseling for First Baptist Church in Nashville from 1970 until his retirement in 1991.
  • Prophets Who Spoke for God, 1981
  • Working Partners/Working Parents (with Muriel Blackwell), 1979
  • Youth in/on Bold Mission, 1977
  • This Is My Bible, 1975
  • My Friends in Other Faiths, 1973
  • Where I Live, 1971

Blackwood, Cheryl Prewitt
Cheryl Prewitt was the reigning Miss America during 1980. Raised in Choctaw County, Mississippi, she has sung with her family, The Prewitts, since the age of five.  She is a pianist and composer of gospel songs. Her book is the story of her recovery from a childhood accident and of her own religious faith. She lived in Franklin for several years.
  • A Bright Shining Place: The Story of a Miracle, 1983

Boatman, Ellie see Akin, Genie

Bond, Octavia Zollicoffer (1846–1941)
Octavia Zollicoffer Bond was the daughter of General Felix Zollicoffer, Nashville newspaper editor and the first Confederate general to be killed in the Civil War. When Fort Donelson fell and Nashville was threatened, Octavia and her young sisters moved to Ravenswood, the home of her older sister on Wilson Pike, and stayed there throughout the war. Old Tales Retold is a collection of early Tennessee stories passed on to the author by her father.
  • The Family Chronicle and Kinship Book, 1928
  • Old Tales Retold, 1906

Booker, Monroe J. (1921-  )
Born in Hohenwald in 1921, Monroe Booker has lived in Franklin since he was five. He graduated from Franklin Training School, served in the South Pacific in World War II, and ran a service station on West Main in partnership with his brother for more than 50 years. He and his wife, Mary, have reared and provided college educations for 12 children. His book is a collection of inspirational thoughts and poems by means of which he shared his faith with his children as they grew up.
  • Thoughts from the Coffee Table, 1996

Booth, Carolyn J. (1938–  )
A Nashville native, Carolyn Booth worked in the offices of UT- Nashville until she and her environmental-engineer husband began their family of three daughters. Since then she has devoted herself to her family and a host of school and church volunteer projects. For several years she headed the Red Cross volunteer program of in-school visual and hearing screenings. When she learned that her first grandchild was on the way, she began to consider what the child might call her, and in talking to friends learned that the possibilities were myriad. Hence the title of her first book. Its success led to a companion book. Her daughter Mindy collaborated on both projects, as well as a third book.
  • –Grandparents: Gifts of Love, Humor, and Wisdom (with Mindy Henderson), 2000
  • Grandfather by Another Name (with Mindy Henderson), 1998
  • Grandmother by Another Name (with Mindy Henderson), 1997

Bowman, Virginia McDaniel (1923-  )
The first inductee into the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame and the official county historian of Williamson County for many years, Virginia Bowman has earned these honors through outstanding work as a genealogist and historian. Her book Historic Williamson County, Old Homes and Sites has had an immeasurable impact on our local historic preservation efforts by educating both old and new citizens about our heritage. She has deep roots in Williamson County; both parents' families came here in the early 1800's. She was reared here, married Joseph Hamilton Bowman, a farmer and county building commissioner, and has two children and two grandsons still contributing to the community. She has been an active member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Williamson County Historical Society, and the Carnton Association.
  • Historic Williamson County, Old Homes and Sites, 1971, reprinted 1989
Virginia McDniel Bowman

Boyd, Lucas G. (1932-  )
Luke Boyd is a native of the rural Mississippi Delta.  After graduating from Ole Miss, he taught at Webb School in Bell Buckle while acquiring a master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Ph.D. from UT-Knoxville. He retired after 19 years as principal of Battle Ground Academy. Throughout his life he has been a storyteller. His stories have appeared in Our Voices 1996, 1997, and 1998. He also has an entry on Battle Ground Academy in the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture. Winner of the Kate Trickey Award in 1997, he was asked to compile a collection of his memories and stories of life in the Mississippi Delta during the Depression.
  • Don't Call Me Hero (with Jim McGregor), 2003
  • Coon Dogs, Outhouses & Other Southern Samplings, 1998

Bransford, Helen
A native of Nashville, Helen Bransford is a jewelry designer and writer for Vogue magazine. She and her writer husband, Jay McInerney, and their twins divide their time between New York City and their home in Williamson County. Older than her husband and a late in life mother, she decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. The experience provided material for her book.
  • Welcome to Your Facelift: What to Expect Before, During and After Cosmetic Surgery, 1997
Helen Bransford

Britnell, Angela
Angela Britnell was born and raised in Cornwall, England. She spent six years in the Royal Navy and met her husband Richard (then a serving U.S. Naval Officer) at NATO Headquarters in Denmark. They married and lived in Demnark, Sicily, California Maryland, and London before he reitred from the Navy. A few years after moving to Franklin, Angela took a creative writing course and was hooked on writing. Her contemporary romances are frequently set in England or other countries she's familiar with. She is a member of the Music City Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America and the Romantic Novelist's Association.
  • Wedding Table Reject, 2015, ebook
  • Sugar and Spice, 2014, ebook
  • Celtic Love Knot, 2014, ebook
  • What Happens in Nashville, 2014, ebook
  • Sicilian Escape, 2014
  • Hidden Truths, 2013
  • Hushed Words, 2013
  • Flames That Melt, 2013
  • Playing For Love, 2013, ebook
  • Opposites Attract, 2012, ebook
  • It's Complicated, 2012, ebook
  • Truth or Consequences, 2006
Angela Britnell

Bronleewe, Matt (1973 - )
Reared on a family farm in central Kansas, Matt Bronleewe found music his first serious creative inspiration while he was an undergraduate at Greenville College in Illinois. He was part of a group, Jars of Clay, for which he wrote music which later became part of the group's recordings. In the mid-1990's, he moved to Nashville where he both played with several musicians and singers and composed, primarily in alternative rock, folk, and Christian genres. He became also interested in writing suspense novels centered around actual mysteries surrounding certain historical books. a subject which involves him in considerable historical research and well as fictional imaginings.
  • House of Wolves, 2008
  • Illuminated, 2007
Matt Bronleewe

Brown, H. Jackson (1940–)
Jack Brown, a Nashville native, graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and has been an active citizen of both Nashville and Franklin throughout his career in advertising and his involvement in fund-raising for many causes. His many books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into thirty-two languages. Life's Little Instruction Book is the only book by an American author to be number one on the New York Times Bestsellers List in both the softcover and the hardcover categories at the same time. Brown has devoted much time to encouraging aspiring authors through the Tennessee Writers Alliance.–Book of Love for My Daughter (with others), 2001
  • Highlighted in Yellow: a Short Course in Living Wisely and Choosing Well  (with Rochelle Pennington), 2001
  • Life's Instructions on Wisdom, Success, and Happiness, 2000
  • Life's Little Instruction Book for Incurable Romantics (with Robyn F. Spizman), 2000
  • Life's Little Instructions from the Bible: Ancient and Contemporary Wisdom to Fuel Your Faith and Empower Your Life (with Rosemary C. Brown), 2000
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Things that Really Matter, 1999
  • –Life's Little Treasure Book on Simple Pleasures, 1999
  • –On Fathers, 1998
  • –On Mothers, 1998
  • A Hero in Every Heart, 1997
  • Live and Learn and Pass It On, Vol. III, 1997
  • –Complete Life's Little Instruction Book (3 vols. in 1), 1997
  • On Friendship, 1996
  • The Little Book of Christmas Joys, 1996 and 1994
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Hope, 1996
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Friendship, 1996
  • Life's Little Treasure Book of Christmas Traditions, (with Rosemary C. Brown, and Kathy Peel), 1996
  • Life's Little Instruction Book, Vol. III, 1995
  • Live and Learn and Pass It On, Vol. II, 1995
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Love, 1995
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Parenting, 1995
  • When You Lick a Slug Your Tongue Goes Numb, 1994
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Success, 1994
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Wisdom, 1994
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Joy, 1994
  • Life's Little Treasure Book on Marriage and Family, 1994
  • Life's Little Instruction Book, Vol. II, 1993
  • Live and Learn and Pass It On, Vol. I, 1992
  • Life's Little Instruction Book, Vol. I, 1991
  • A Father's Book of Wisdom, 1988
H Jackson Brown

Brown, Jesse Glenn (1910 - )
Glenn Brown was born in 1910 into a large, hard-working rural family in Dickson County. In 1923 they moved to the Forest Home community of Williamson County. Brown became involved in the general stores and the trucking of the area that extended from Water Valley in northern Maury County through Hillsboro and Beechville and on to Nashville. He and his wife Marion reared their two children in Williamson County. Brown worked in many businesses and served as a forward-thinking magistrate on the Williamson County Court. His memoirs provide a rich insight into rural Middle Tennessee's past.
  • Corn Bread & Sweet Milk: An Autobiography (with Evelyn Vaden), 1998

Browne, Harry (1933-  )
Harry Browne, investment advisor, author, radio personality, and public speaker, was the 1996 and 2000 Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. Reared in Los Angeles, he spent only two weeks in college. He was unknown to the investment world in 1970 when his first book How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation became a New York Times bestseller. Later books have also been bestsellers. His financial newsletter Harry Browne's Special Reports was published continually from 1974 to 1997. He has maintained a busy schedule of live talks and talks on radio and television, as well as posting much of his material on his website. Browne is a resident of Franklin.
  • The Great Libertarian Offer, 2000
  • Fail-Safe Investing: Lifelong Financial Safety in 30 Minutes, 1999–How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, 1998 reissue, 1973
  • Cross Border Links Environmental Directory, 1997
  • Cross Border Links Labor Directory, 1997
  • Citizen Diplomats Shaping Globalization, 1997
  • Spain's Civil War, 1996
  • Why Government Doesn't Work, 1995
  • Crossing the Line: Immigrants, Economic Integration, and Drug Enforcement on the U.S.-Mexican Border (with Tom Barry and Beth Simms), 1994
  • For Richer, For Poorer—Shaping Mexican Integration (with Tom Barry and Beth Sims), 1994
  • Zapata's Revenge: Free Trade and the Farm Crisis in Mexico (with Tom Barry), 1994
  • Runaway America: U.S. Jobs and Factories on the Move (with Beth Sims), 1993
  • The Economic Time Bomb, 1989
  • Why the Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong, 1987
  • Inflation-Proofing Your Investments (with Terry Coxon), 1981
  • New Profits from the Monetary Crisis, 1978
  • Harry Browne's Complete Guide to Swiss Banks, 1976
  • You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, 1974
  • How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation, 1970

Buffett, Jimmy
One of America's most popular musicians, Jimmy Buffett was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and reared in Mobile, Alabama. He is a third-generation sailor and pilot. He has written short stories, novels, and in collaboration with his daughter, Savannah, children's books. For several years he lived at Old Town on the Old Natchez Trace. While he was here, he received an architectural award for the restoration of this historic home. He has since moved back to Key West, Florida.
  • Tales from Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fiction, 2002, 1989
  • The Pirate at Fifty, 1998
  • Daybreak on the Equator, 1996
  • Where Is Joe Merchant: A Novel Tale, 1992
  • Everyone in the Woods Wants to Eat a Quail (Including Me), 1992
  • Trouble Dolls (with Savannah Buffett), 1991–The Jolly Mon (with Savannah Buffett), 1988

Bumpus, Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin Bumpus was born in Maury County and attended Cumberland University in Lebanon. For many years, he lived on Old Hillsboro Road in Williamson County. He was district attorney general in Columbia, a lawyer in Nashville, and a member of the staff of the Metro Legal Department. He was the first attorney to be assigned on a regular basis to the Metro Police Department. A friend of Edward Carmack's son, Ned, he undertook the biography of this important Tennessean.
  • Carmack: Edward Ward Carmack, 1977

Burbank, Sally Willard
Sally Willard started life on a small dairy farm near the Canadian border in Derby, Vermont. Her parents, Everett and Dorothy Willard, still live in the county. Sally moved to Montpelier at age ten and graduated from Montpelier High School in 1977. She attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth where she graduated summa cum laude in 1980. She completed her medical training at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington in 1986. During medical school, she married her longtime sweetheart, Nathan, and they moved to Nashville where she completed internship and residency. She established a private practice in internal medicine in Nashville in 1989, where she has been doctoring patients ever since. Sally has published multiple stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Angels on Earth magazine, and several anthologies. She co-leads Nashville Christian Writers and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.
  • Patients I Will Never Forget, 2014

Burnett, Peter H.  (1807–1895)
Peter Hardeman Burnett was born in Nashville. As a young child, he spent time on his grandfather's farm near Lewisburg Pike in Williamson County. He moved to Missouri, from where he became leader of the first wagon train on the Oregon Trail in 1843. He served in a judicial post in Oregon and later became the first elected American governor of California. His autobiography, entitled Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, was published in New York in 1880.
  • Reasons Why We Should Believe in God, Love God, and Obey God, 1884
  • Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, 1880

Burrus, Barbara (1931-  )
Barbara Burrus was born in Columbia, Tennessee, but moved to Franklin with her family while in her early teens. She attended Peabody Demonstration School and Martin College and graduated from Peabody College. Early in her marriage to Dr. George Burrus, she taught school in Nashville, where they have lived for many years while rearing their large family. Her book recounts her experiences as helpmate to a heart surgeon who has taken leave from his practice to serve as a medical missionary in Belgium, India, and the Congo. They have returned to Africa yearly to take supplies and to serve in a hospital they built in memory of two of their children who have died.
  • -Sharing Four Cultures: A Journey of Love, 1997

Byrd, Nicole see Place, Michelle and Zach, Cheryl

Williamson County Public Library • 1314 Columbia Avenue • Franklin TN 37064 • (615) 595-1243 • http://wcpltn.org
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