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— F & G —
Falwell, Marshall, Jr.
Ferdowsi, Farsheed
Fiebiger, C.A>
Finamore, Lucille
Fioravanti, Kayla
Fisher, Marilyn M.
Fitzsimmons, Judith
Fleet, William
Fletcher-Blume, Nancy
Flygt, Sten Gunnar
Fontana, Matt
Foster, Lark
Fox, Angela
Friend, Ronda
Fugette, Eric
Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Fulks, Matthew W.
Gafford, Charlotte K.
Gant, A. Mac
Garrett, Lewis
Gaskin, Ralph Malachias
Gee, Connie
Gentry, Cindy White
Gentry, Jimmy
Giger-Norman, Naomi
Glenn, Walter
Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Goodpasture, H. McKennie
Goodpasture, Henry
Govan, Christine Noble
Graham, Fred
Grant, George
Grant, Karen
Green, Sharon
Green, Steve
Gregory, Joseph Charles McLean
Griffin, Sheryl
Griffin, Tonya T.
Gross, Robert L.
Guider, John

Falwell, Marshall, Jr.
Marshall Falwell Jr. was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and attended Florence State College and Vanderbilt University as a Lily Peter Scholar and Fellow in English Literature.  While pursuing his education, he was a freelance writer and photographer, taught at Vanderbilt University, and coordinated music jamborees.  Since 1985, he has owned Falwell Estate Sales in Nashville, specializing in personal property and estate sales with particular expertise in rare books and antiques.
  • Just Country  (with Robert Cornwell), 1975
  • de re Militari: An Edition of the Middle English Prose Translations of Vegetius' Epitoma-rei militaris, 1973
  • Allen Tate: A Bibliography, 1967

Ferdowsi, Farsheed (1955 - )
In 1973, eighteen-year-old Ferdowsi came from Teheran, Iran to Nashville, Tennessee to enter Vanderbilt University as a student in civil engineering. From there, he went to California to the University of California at Berkeley for a master's degree in Structural Engineering. Further study was interrupted by his entrepreneurial spirit which led to starting up software development companies. As a Brentwood, Tennessee resident for most of his life, he has taken positions on the board of directors of several Middle Tennessee nonprofit organizations. His experiences of life in two cultures, an interest in science and business, as well as, executive roles requiring perspective and analysis, have all contributed to his thriller novel.
  • Mushroom in the Sand, 2009
Farsheed Ferdowsi

Fiebiger, C.A.
C. A. Fiebiger, is a native of Roseville, Minnesota, attended Eastern Montana College in Billings, Montana, now MSU- Billings, receiving his BA in History, with a minor in Philosophy in 1987. He released his first book, The Baker and Malachi, in the summer of 2013. He currently resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his wife Shirreen and daughter Tara. He has two older children, Gary and Candace, and four grandchildren.
  • Curse Of The Eraser, 2014
  • The Baker and Malachi, 2013
  • The Keeper, 2010

Finamore, Lucille
Lucille Palis Finamore lived in Bloomfield and Glen Ridge, New Jersey, for most of her life. When her marriage of twenty-five years dissolved, she was determined not to be divorced and poor. To support herself, Finamore chose real estate. Once active in the field, she began to keep a journal of the interesting properties and people she encountered.  In 1995 she came to Williamson County to be near her family in the Temple Hills community. Here, she shaped her journal into a book of short stories which Coldwell Banker Realtor, Inc. now uses as suggested reading for new and seasoned sales associates.
  • What I Did For Money, 2001.

Fioravanti, Kayla.
Kayla Fioravanti is a wife, mother and author. Kayla's easy-breezy explanations and instructions make her how-to books easy to digest and follow. Kayla was born in Dallas, Texas, but now makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee. She is happily married and mother to three children.
  • Puffy & Blue: A Chronicle Of Nine Lives Together, 2014
  • 360 Degrees of Grief, 2014
  • How to Self-Publish : The Author-preneur's Guide to Publishing, 2013
  • When I Was Young I Flew the Sun Like a Kite, 2012
  • The Art and Science of Aromatherapy: Your Guide For Personal Aromatherapy, 2011
  • How to Make Melt & Pour Soap Base From Scratch : A Beginner's Guide to Melt & Pour Soap Manufacturing, 2011
  • DIY Kitchen Chemistry : Simple Homemade Bath & Body Projects, 2011
  • The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy : Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy and Entrepreneurship, 2011
image of Kayla Fioravanti

Fisher, Marilyn M.
Born and reared in Buffalo, New York, Marilyn Fisher believes that the diversity of cultures of the city have all influenced her writing. She took advanced degrees in British and American literature and taught college writing and literature courses. This was a time of coming to grasp the structure of various genres, including the novel, and to appreciate the various levels of meaning often present in many forms. Her essays and literary criticism have been published in journals, newspapers, and newsletters. Only in the last decade has she begun to write fiction. As an adult, she became interested in horses. She rides them, writes about them, and maintains a website (mmfisher.com), which recommends films, books, and gives other news about horses. Her novel is a clear outgrowth of both her literary and her equine interests.
  • He Trots the Air, 2011
  • The Case of the Three Dead Horses, 2004
image of Marilyn M Fisher

Fitzsimmons, Judith (1954-  )
Fitzsimmons is a certified aroma therapist and the owner of Aromatherapy Solutions, an aromatherapy blending business. Her book is available in both English and Spanish and has received international promotion. She lives with her family in Williamson County.
  • Seasons of Aromatherapy (co-author Paula M. Bousquet), 1998

Fleet, William (1933 - )
Bill Fleet was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, raised in Inverness, Mississippi and now lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. He was a pediatrician for twenty-five years before retiring in 1998. He writes an on-line column called Sawdust and Turnip Greens for Brentwood Homepage. Bill says his writing is influenced by his earlier years on the bayou.
  • Tuesdays Twice a Month, 2004

Fletcher-Blume, Nancy
Nancy Fletcher-Blume lived her early years in Anderson, South Carolina, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  An only child, she sat listening to adults and absorbing their cadences.  She attended Forrest College, and for several years did mostly "mother things" and taught piano.  As a resident of Franklin, she has been president of the Council for the Written Word and on the Board of Governors of the Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee.  Her short fiction and poetry have been published in the 1996, 1997, and 1998 editions of Our Voices.  Her entry in the first edition of Our Voices won the Kate Trickey award and was the piece chosen that year for separate publication as a book for young readers. Cast Iron Dogs listed below was illustrated by her grandson Jason Blume.
  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (condensed and adapted), 2001
  • Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson (condensed and adapted), 2001
  • Cast Iron Dogs, 1996

Flygt, Sten Gunnar  (1911–1978)
Before coming to Vanderbilt University where he taught German, Swedish, and Old Norse, Flygt taught at Wesleyan, Northwestern, and Princeton Universities. He served for two years as University Specialist for the U.S. government, re-establishing universities in Bavaria. Professor Flygt received a John Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in 1958. He and his family lived on a small farm near Franklin.
  • Friedrich Hebbel, 1968
  • Friedrich Hebbel's Conception of Movement in the Absolute and in History, 1966, 1952
  • The Notorious Dr. Bahrdt, 1963
  • Review of German Grammar Based on Selected Texts, 1959
  • Modern Course in German (with C.R. Goedsche), 1947

Fontana, Matt
A native of New Jersey, with family ties to Kentucky, Matt Fontana graduated from The Citadel in 1974 and then served in the marines. He has been in the Nashville area since 1983, living in Franklin since 1990 with his wife, Teresa, and their four children. In college he wrote poetry, was editor of the literary magazine, and worked on the newspaper. He collaborated with a close college friend to write a volume of poetry with the intent of bringing that medium back to its previous popularity.
  • Whispers of Madmen (with Gordon Bell), 1996

Foster, Lark
After growing up in the Grassland area of Williamson County and witnessing the growth of her father's business, Flower Power, Lark Foster attended O'More School of Design and began to work full time in the family enterprise. She appeared with her father on "The Southern Lawn and Garden Show," for the Tennessee Radio Network, and on television. She has taught classes at Cheekwood and spoken to garden clubs. Foster published a five-segment video entitled Gardening with Lark, which has a section for children.
  • The Tennessee Gardener's Guide (with Walter Glenn), 1996

Fox, Angela (1974 - )
Angela Fox was born in Macon, Georgia, where as a child she wrote  stories, poetry, and letters, all with a Southern flavor. After obtaining a BA degree in political science as a pre-law student at Mercer University  and then a Masters in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary, she discovered that she was a writer at heart and gave herself to it. She wrote articles for trade magazines, worked at a publicist for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and finally risked the life of a free lance writer who also has a weekly column in two local newspapers. She often writes about other writers. Her book is the result of a friendship with someone who opened a chocolate shop.
  • Chocolate Covered Friendship, with Bethany Thouin,  2008

Friend, Ronda
Ronda Friend grew up on a farm in Ohio called "Friendly Acres." She writes about her life growing up there in the 1950s and 60s. She worked with children for over thirty years as a preschool director; her desire is to share stories with children that count for character.
  • Hats Off to Heroes – Down on Friendly Acres, 2005
  • Time Out at Home – Down on Friendly Acres, 2005
  • Swallows Her Pride – Down on Friendly Acres, 2003, 2004, 2005

Fugette, Eric (1965 - )
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, educated in electrical engineering at Vanderbilt, Eric Fugette came with his family to Franklin in 1997. He had been interested in the Book of Revelation. After he had read several commentaries, Josephus, Tacitus, other histories, and reference books, he found that his engineering background seemed to be a useful tool in helping him understand some of the puzzling passages in Revelation. His book expresses his personal understanding.
  • A Personal Revelation, 2003

Fulcher, Richard Carlton (1941 - 2004)
Born in Nashville, Richard Fulcher was a resident of Brentwood and a researcher in genealogy and history since 1968. He was an instructor in genealogy at Watkins Institute and the publisher of a periodical, Tennessee Genealogical Review, as well as the author of numerous family histories and books on genealogy, local history, and the Civil War. He served as president of the Brentwood Historical and Genealogical Society. He moved to Petersburg in Lincoln County, where he served as mayor.
  • The Confessions of a Clansman from Franklin, Tennessee, 1999
  • Williamson Adventure: A Bicentennial History, 1999
  • The History of Brentwood, Tennessee, 1999
  • Whatever Happened to Carter's Court?, 1998
  • Thunder on the Harpeth, 1998
  • Civil War Bibliography: The Battle of Franklin & the Civil War Years in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1998
  • McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Franklin, Tennessee: History and Record, 1997
  • Confederate and Federal Regiments which Served in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1997
  • Civil War Soldiers from Williamson County, Tennessee—Federal & Confederate, 1997
  • Legends of Williamson County, Tennessee, Report #1: The Generals on the Carnton Porch, 1997
  • Legends of Williamson County, Tennessee, Report #2: Captain "Tod" Carter and the Battle of Franklin, 1997
  • Legends of Williamson County, Tennessee, Report #3: Brentwood, not Cottonport!, 1995
  • Civil War Casualties: Williamson County, Tennessee—Confederate and Federal, 1997
  • 1890 U.S. Census of Union Veterans and Widows in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1996
  • United States Genealogical and Historical Sources: Mississippi Records, 1997
  • Union Loyalists' Claims in Williamson County, Tennessee (with Karen Harris Fulcher and Carla Michelle Fulcher), 1996
  • United States Genealogical and Historical Sources: North Carolinas Records (with Linda Allen Suber), 1995
  • United States Genealogical and Historical Sources: Tennessee Records (with Linda Allen Suber, 1995
  • Brentwood, Tennessee: Early Settlement and Growth, 1995
  • Presley Family, 1994
  • United States Genealogical and Historical Sources: Arkansas Records (with Linda Allen Suber), 2nd ed., 1993
  • United States Genealogical and Historical Sources: Alabama Records, 1993
  • Brentwood, Tennessee—The Civil War Years, 1993
  • Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee, November 29, 1864, 1995
  • The Battles of Thompson's Station, Tennessee, 1997
  • Guide to County Records and Genealogical Sources in Tennessee, 3rd ed., 1994
  • Civil War Diary of Corporal James Walsh, 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1990
  • 1770–1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1987
  • Tombstone Inscriptions of Davidson County, Tennessee (10 vols.), 1976–1986
  • How to Organize and File Your Genealogical Research Notes and Files, 1982     

Fulks, Matthew W.
Matt Fulks grew up in Overland Park, Kansas. As a youth he played baseball but took an avid interest in all sports. He began broadcasting while he was a student at David Lipscomb University in Nashville. After graduation, he worked as sports director for WAKM radio in Franklin and as a sports writer for the Review Appeal. He moved to Atlanta, where he wrote and managed his publishing business. In 2000 he moved to the Kansas City area, where he has been employed by a publishing firm.
  • Play by Play: 25 Years of Royals on Radio (with Denny Matthews, Fred White, and George Brett), 1999
  • –The Sportscaster's Dozen: Off the Air With Southeastern Legends, 1998
  • –Behind the Stats: Tennessee's Coaching Legends, 1996

— G —

Gafford, Charlotte K.
Charlotte K. Gafford, a former resident of Fairview, attended Birmingham Southern College and received an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. A professor at Norwich University and the University of Alabama in Birmingham, she has published poems in many journals and was a documentary scriptwriter and consultant for the Vermont Council on the Humanities.
  • The Pond Woman, 1989

Gant, A. Mac (1899-1983)
A. Mac Gant served with the U.S. Navy in World War I and then worked for the Illinois Central Railroad in Georgia. Following the death of his first wife and his remarriage, he started a wholesale lumber business, which he operated for 41 years. During the Depression, he bought Cool Springs Farm in Williamson County, where he lived with his second wife and their combined children, all of whom made active contributions to their communities.
  • Destiny's Plan: The Story of a Combination Family, 1982

Garrett, Lewis (ca. 1772-1869)
Lewis Garrett was born in Virginia around 1772 and moved to Kentucky with his family in 1779. His father died on the journey, leaving his mother a widow with eight children. In 1794 Garrett joined the Methodist ministry and served twelve consecutive years in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He was part of the revival movement of 1799-1800, in the role of presiding elder of the Cumberland district. He helped scout the Missouri territory to ascertain its readiness for Methodist missions. In 1806, upon returning from the Missouri journey, he settled in Franklin, Williamson County, working as a laborer during the week and preaching once or twice on Sundays within a 50-mile range. His book is quoted in many early accounts of Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Recollections of the West, 1834

Gaskin, Ralph Malachias (1974-)
Ralph Malachias Gaskin spent twenty years as a professional landscaper and during that time did nine years in the Indiana Army National Guard. He then signed an active duty contract and did eight years at Fort Stewart, Georgia, with two deployments to Iraq. Gaskin was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and retired. PTSD is the is the basis of his book, A Warrior's Garden.
  • A Warrior's Garden, 2013

Gee, Connie
Connie Gee grew up in Nashville and received her B.S. and M.A. degrees from Peabody College. Her two children were born in Oak Ridge, where she began her teaching career. She then moved to Brentwood and taught at Scales Elementary School. She developed units for the lower grades in the work cited below. In addition to teaching, Gee has been a full-time volunteer for breast cancer issues; she has written speeches and newspaper articles on the subject and served as a member of the peer review panel of the cancer research division of the Department of Defense.
  • Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983

Gentry, Cindy White
Cindy White Gentry, a lifelong resident of Williamson County, graduated from Franklin High School and Middle Tennessee State University with a major in history and a minor in English. She has been a researcher and a freelance writer. Gentry has also been a docent at the Carter House in Franklin and has worked with the Heritage Foundation's Classroom program. Married to Allen Gentry, she has three children. She and Allen have developed educational field trips to their farm, focusing on history, farming, and nature for preschool and elementary school age children.
  •  –A History of Battle Ground Academy, 1995

Gentry, Jimmy   (1925-  )
Author of a true local tale, Jimmy Gentry not only grew up in Franklin but also taught at various high schools in Williamson County for fifty-two years. His book tells of hardships during the Great Depression, when as a young boy he literally had to trap and hunt to get food for his family. After service in World War II, he returned to his Williamson farm and began a long teaching career.
  • An American Life, 2002

Giger-Norman, Naomi
Born and reared near St. Louis, Missouri, Naomi Giger-Norman is a visual arts specialist, quilt maker, fashion designer, and weaver. She and her family have lived in Franklin since 1988. As a Tennessee Artist-in-Residence, she taught art in three Williamson County schools and helped the students at Walnut Grove Elementary design a quilt commemorating the school's first year. Giger-Norman published a series of 23 patterns, which include pieced pictures.
  • Picture Perfect Patchwork, 1993

Glenn, Walter
A native of West Virginia, Walter Glenn received a B.S. degree in agriculture from the University of West Virginia. He farmed for a short time before joining a company that sold agricultural chemicals. He then came to Nashville to develop garden centers for the Hardy Garden franchise. Settling in Grassland, he began his own landscaping business, named "Flower Power" by his daughter Lark. In the mid-1980s, Flower Power moved to Franklin and began to focus on design. A great lover of golf, Glenn designed a course in West Virginia.
  • The Tennessee Gardener's Guide (with Lark Foster), 1996

Goldblatt, Joe Jeff  (1952-  )
Formerly a resident of Brentwood, Joe Jeff Goldblatt was the founder of the Wonder Company, 1970-1996, a firm that produced White House events for Presidents Reagan and Bush. In 1993, he was awarded a special study grant at George Washington University where he worked on his doctorate in the special events field. He wrote the first textbook on the subject of producing special events, as well as several books and numerous articles. He has assisted with hundreds of special events in and around Washington D.C.
  • Special Events: Global Management in the 21st Century, 2001
  • Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing (with Stedman Graham and Lisa Delpy Neirotti), 2001
  • International Dictionary of Event Management (with Kathleen S. Nelson), 2001
  • Dollars and Events: How to Succeed in the Special Events Business, 1999
  • Special Events: Best Practices in Modern Events Management, 1997
  • Dictionary of Event Management (with Carol F. McKibben), 1996
  • Ultimate Guide to Sport Event Management and Marketing (with Stedman Graham and Lisa Delpy), 1995
  • Special Events: The Art and Science of Celebration, 1994

Goodpasture, H. McKennie (1929-2001)
In the late 1940s, Ken Goodpasture moved with his family to Old Town Farm on the Old Natchez Trace where his parents took an active part in the political and cultural affairs of the county. Soon he left to explore the world as a Ph.D. student in Scotland and then a Presbyterian missionary in Lisbon, Portugal, finally ending as professor of missions at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. His work led him to travel frequently to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and he returned often to Middle Tennessee to visit family.
  • The Story of Richmond Hill: The First Twelve Years, 1999
  • Cross and Sword: An Eyewitness History of Christianity in Latin America, 1989

Goodpasture, Henry  (1896-1999)
Henry Goodpasture lived for more than thirty years in one of Williamson County's most historic homes, Old Town, which was first an Indian village and then an antebellum estate on the Old Natchez Trace. A lawyer for sixty years, he first moved to Nashville with his family in 1914 and to Williamson County in 1947. Goodpasture was a member of the Nashville and Tennessee Bar Association and was active in civic affairs, three times a member of the board of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. He served many years as a Williamson County commissioner, especially interested in bringing utilities and good roads to the county.
  • Old Town (with Virginia Goodpasture), 1950
  • Memoirs of Henry Goodpasture

Govan, Christine Noble (1898-1986)
Christine Noble Govan was born in New York City but moved to Sewanee at the age of four. As a child, she moved to Franklin and lived on Fair Street. She married Gilbert Govan, Civil War historian and librarian, and the couple lived on Signal Mountain where they reared two daughters and a son. Govan was a prolific writer of children's books and mysteries, but is chiefly remembered in Williamson County for her trilogy about the Plummer children and their misadventures.
  • Danger Downriver (with Emmy West), 1972
  • The Trash Pile Treasure, 1970
  • Phinny's Fine Summer, 1968
  • Return to Hackberry Street, 1967
  • Curious Clubhouse, 1967
  • Mystery at the Echoing Cave (with Emmy West), 1965
  • Number 5 Hackberry Street, 1964
  • Mystery at the Weird Ruins (with Emmy West), 1964
  • Mystery at Ghost Lodge (with Emmy West), 1963
  • Mystery of the Dancing Skeleton (with Emmy West), 1962
  • Delectable Mountain, 1962
  • Willow's Landing, 1961
  • Mystery at the Snowed-in Cabin (with Emmy West), 1961
  • Mystery at Fearsome Lake (with Emmy West), 1960
  • Mystery at the Haunted House (with Emmy West), 1959
  • Mystery at Plum Nelly (with Emmy West), 1959
  • Mystery of the Vanishing Stamp (with Emmy West), 1958
  • Mystery at the Deserted Mill, (with Emmy West), 1958
  • The Mystery at Moccasin Bend, (with Emmy West), 1957
  • Mystery at the Indian Hide-Out (with Emmy West), 1957
  • The Mystery at the Shuttered Hotel, (with Emmy West), 1956
  • Mystery at the Mountain Face (with Emmy West), 1956
  • Mystery at Shingle Rock (with Emmy West), 1955
  • Rachel Jackson, Tennessee Girl, 1955
  • The Pink Maple House, 1950
  • Mr. Hermit Miser and the Neighborly Pumpkin, 1949
  • Jennifer's House, 1945
  • Sweet Possum Valley, 1940
  • Narcissus an' De Chillun: Final Adventures of Those Plummer Children, 1938
  • The House with the Echo, 1937
  • Murder on the Mountain, 1937
  • Judy and Chris: Further Adventures of Those Plummer Children, 1936
  • Five at Ashefield, 1935
  • Those Plummer Children, 1934
As J.N. Darby:
  • Murder in the House with the Blue Eyes, 1939
Christine Noble Govan

Graham, Fred
Born in Arkansas and educated at the University of Southern Mississippi, Fred Graham moved to Middle Tennessee in 1982. He lived in Brentwood and then moved to Triune. There his children attended Eagleville Elementary School, where their experience was the genesis for his book. When a rabbit did funny things at school, Fred Graham wrote a story about it. The children and teachers liked it, and Graham went on to publication, using photographs of the classroom children as part of the book.
  • A Calf Named Nan, 2002
  • The Rabbit That Went to School, 2001

Grant, George  (1954 -  )
George Grant has been the director of the King's Meadow Study Center, the editor of the Arx Axiom and Stirling Bridge newsletters, a regular columnist for both World and Table Talk magazines, the editorial director for Highland Books, the president of the Covenant Classical School Association, and an instructor at several classical schools, colleges, and seminaries. He is the author of many books in the areas of history, biography, politics, literature, and social criticism; he has written hundreds of essays, articles, and columns. Grant's work on behalf of the homeless, for international relief and development, and for the sanctity of life has been profiled in national and international communications media, including ABC's Nightline and the Wall Street Journal.  He lives on a small farm in Williamson County.
  • Blood of the Moon: Understanding the Historic Struggle Between Islam and Western Civilization, 2002, 1991
  • Garden Graces (with Karen Grant), 2001
  • Killer Angel: A Biography of Margaret Sanger, 2001, 1995
  • Christian Almanac: a Dictionary of Days Celebrating History's Most Significant People And Events, (with Gregory Wilbur), 2000
  • Legacy of Truth: The Covenantal Character of Classical Education, 2000, 1998
  • The Pocket Patriot: Citizenship Basics for the New Millennium, 2000
  • Lost Causes: the Romantic Attraction of Defeated Yet Unvanquished Men and Movements (with Karen Grant), 1999
  • Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies of Men and Nations (with Karen Grant), 1999
  • Christmas Spirit: the Celebrations of the Season (with Gregory Wilbur), 1999
  • Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life, 1999, 1994
  • Going Somewhere: a Dan and Bea Adventure, 1999
  • Just Visiting: How Travel Has Enlightened Lives and Viewpoints Throughout History (with Karen Grant), 1999
  • The Christian Almanac: A Daily Guide to History, 1998
  • Kids Who Kill (with Gov. Mike Huckabee), 1998
  • Y2K: A Novel, (with Michael Hyatt), 1998
  • Think on These Things: A Lifetime of Learning, 1998
  • The Happy Man: The Wit and Wisdom of G. K.  Chesterton, 1998
  • Best Friends: Lessons from Extraordinary Relationships Through the Ages (with Karen Grant), 1998
  • Common Roots: The Ideas that Shaped the Worldview of the Founding Fathers, 1998
  • Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, 1998, 1993, 1988,
  • Faithful Volunteers: The History of Religion in Tennessee (with Stephen Mansfield), 1997
  • Letters Home: Counsel from the Sages of the Past to Their Loved Ones (with Karen Grant), 1997
  • Logomorphs: A Politically Incorrect Dictionary, 1997
  • The Reader's Journal, 1997
  • The Dittohead's Little Instruction Book, 1996
  • You Might Be a Liberal If, 1996
  • Our Character, Our Future: Reclaiming America's Moral Destiny (with Alan Keyes), 1996
  • Immaculate Deception: The Shifting Agenda of Planned Parenthood, 1996
  • Buchanan:  Caught in the Crossfire, 1996
  • Moral Earthquakes (with O. S. Hawkins), 1996
  • Bless This Food (with Karen Grant), 1996
  • Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt, 1996
  • The Patriot's Handbook, 1996
  • Changing of the Guard: the Vital Role Christians Must Play in America's Unfolding Political and Cultural Drama, 1995, 1987
  • The Family Under Siege: What the New Social Engineers Have in Mind for Your Children, 1994
  • The 57% Solution: A Conservative Strategy for the Next Four Years, 1993
  • Where Do We Go From Here: An Agenda for Conservatives During Cultural Captivity, 1993
  • Trial and Error: the American Civil Liberties Union and Its Impact on Your Family: 1993, 1989,
  • Legislating Immorality: The Homosexual Movement Comes Out of the Closet  (with Mark Horne), 1993
  • The Last Crusader: The Untold Story of Christopher Columbus, 1992
  • Hilarious: The Wacky Wit and Wisdom and Wonderment of Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1992
  • Perot: The Populist Appeal of Strong-Man Politics, 1992
  • The Quick and the Dead, 1991
  • Homelessness in America: Its Causes and Its Cures, 1991
  • Unnatural Affections: The Impuritan Ethic of the Modern Church (with Mark Horne), 1991
  • In Defense of Greatness: How Biblical Character Shapes a Nation's Destiny (with PeterLeithart), 1990
  • The Walls Came Tumbling Down (with Peter Leithart), 1990
  • Clean Air (with Peter Leithart), 1990
  • Third Time Around, 1990
  • The Catechism of the New Age: A Response to Dungeons and Dragons (with Peter Leithart), 1987
  • Rebuilding the Walls: A Biblical Strategy for Restoring America's Greatness (with Peter Waldron), 1987
  • In the Shadow of Plenty, 1986
  • The Dispossessed: Homelessness in America, 1986
  • Bringing in the Sheaves, 1985
  • The American Vision, 1984

Grant, Karen
Karen Grant has been vice president of the Covenant Classical School Association and has served on the board of the Franklin Classical School. The founder of several community action organizations to help impoverished women and families in crisis, she has served the Mission to North America as women's consultant for urban ministry and racial reconciliation. Grant lives with her husband, George, on a farm in Williamson County.
  • Garden Graces (with George Grant), 2001
  • Lost Causes: the Romantic Attraction of Defeated Yet Unvanquished Men and Movements (with George Grant), 1999
  • Just Visiting: How Travel Has Enlightened Lives and Viewpoints Throughout History (with George Grant), 1999
  • Best Friends (with George Grant), 1998
  • Letters Home (with George Grant), 1997
  • Bless This Food (with George Grant), 1996

Green, Sharon  (1942 - )
Sharon Green was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she graduated from New York University in 1963. She married and had three sons. She has worked for AT&T, a construction company, and an import firm. Green began writing full time in 1984, publishing novels and short stories in the four categories of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and romance. She also has several titles online. Green moved to Franklin in 1996.
  • The Blending Enthroned, Book Three: Destiny, 2002
  • The Blending Enthroned, Book Two: Deceptions, 2001
  • The Blending Enthroned, Book One: Intrigues, 2000
  • To Die For, 2000
  • The Blending, Book Five: Prophecy, 1999
  • The Blending, Book Four: Betrayals 1999
  • Haughty Spirit, 1999
  • The Blending, Book Three: Challenges 1998
  • The Blending, Book Two: Competition, 1997
  • The Blending, Book One: Convergence, 1996
  • Game's End, 1996
  • Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts, 1995
  • Enchanting, 1994
  • Silken Dreams, 1994
  • Dark Mirror, Dark Dreams, 1994
  • Werewolf Moon, 1993
  • Fantasy Man, 1993
  • Flame of Fury, 1993
  • Silver Princess, Golden Knight, 1993
  • The Hidden Realms, 1993
  • Dawn Song, 1990
  • Haunted House, 1990
  • Hellhound Magic, 1989
  • Mists of the Ages, 1988
  • The Warrior Victorious, 1987
  • The Far Side of Forever, 1987
  • Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, 1987, 2002
  • The Warrior Challenged, 1986
  • Rebel Prince, 1986
  • To Battle the Gods, 1986
  • The Will of the Gods, 1985
  • Gateway to Xanadu, 1985
  • Mind Guest, 1984
  • The Warrior Rearmed, 1984
  • Chosen of Mida, 1984
  • An Oath to Mida, 1983
  • The Warrior Enchained, 1982
  • The Warrior Within, 1982
  • The Crystals of Mida, 1982

Green, Steve
During his childhood in Argentina with his missionary parents, Steve Green's experience with music was simply as part of the weekly church services his father conducted. After returning to the states at age eighteen and enrolling at Grand Canyon University, he intended to major in pre-law but a professor recognized his musical talent and encouraged him to develop it. He auditioned for the musical group TRUTH, thus beginning a singing career which eventually led him to Middle Tennessee and Williamson County. In 1984 Green released his first recording with Sparrow Label Group in Brentwood. He has had great success, garnering eighteen number one songs, six Dove awards, and four Grammy nominations. Music is the means by which Green communicates his faith.
  • Morning Light: Meditations to Awaken the Dawn (with members of the Empty Hands Fellowship), 1999
  • The Power of the Cross, 1994
  • Hymns: A Portrait of Christ, 1992
  • Himnos: Un Retroto De Cristo, 1992

Gregory, Joseph Charles McLean  (1964 -  )
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Joseph Gregory moved to Franklin when he was ten years old. He went to Franklin High School and Belmont College where he majored in communications. He has worked in the cosmetic industry for many years. Gregory is the great grandson of the last private owner of the Hope Diamond. He first saw the diamond at the Smithsonian Institute when he was in the eighth grade. However, he knew stories of his great grandmother and had a copy of her 1936 autobiography and some memorabilia from her eccentric life. To tell her story has been a life long ambition. "Five years of research went into this book which includes her autobiography, 40 pictures, and the last eleven years of her life story," said Gregory. He continues to be interested in writing.
  • Queen of Diamonds (with Carol Ann Rapp), 2000

Griffin, Sheryl  (1966 -  )
Sheryl Griffin was born and raised in Northern California and has made Franklin , Tennessee , her home since 1998. Sheryl is an Author, Encourager, Wife, & Mom. Sheryl wrote her first book, A Scarlet Cord of Hope, after her diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder and panic/anxiety, in 2007. Sheryl is also a speaker who offers encouragement and hope to her audience. She writes and speaks with passion and confidence gained from her own journey in search of hope.
  • A Scarlet Cord of Hope ... My Journey through Guilt, Shame, and Fear to Hope, 2010
Sheryl Griffin

Griffin, Tonya T. (1970 -  )

Tonya T. Griffin book jacket.Tonya T. Griffin was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. A respected author, public speaker, finance professional, wife and mother, Tonya is living the life of her dreams. A life, that 20 years ago, she never thought she'd live to experience. Just after she reached her 21st birthday, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tonya's story has been featured in numerous media outlets and profiled in a video documentary. She tells here story best in her debut novel, Eagles Angels and Butterflies.

  • Eagles Angels and Butterflies: How We Got Our Wings, 2006

Gross, Robert L.  (1928 -  )
Robert L. (Bob) Gross was born in Missouri on August 5, 1928. He was raised on a farm and is a graduate of Missouri University and Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary. He served two years in the armed forces, eight months of which were in Korea during the Korean Conflict. Bob served as a North American Baptist Missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention for thirty years, ten as Director of the Hope Migrant Mission Center located in Hope, Arkansas. Bob, now retired and a resident of Franklin, has published his autobiography.
  • Life in the Roaring Twenties, 2014
  • Amarugia, 2009
  • Sonrise to Sonset, 2006

Guider, John (1949 - )
John Guider was born and grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1972 he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating from Vanderbilt he embarked on a career in photography. In 1975 he opened his own commercial photography studio and went on to establish a national reputation receiving numerous awards. He continued his interest in fine art photography and in 1984 he became the first artist to have a one-man photographic exhibit at Cheekwood in Nashville, Tennessee. He then gave up his studio and entered fine art photography full time. His first major project resulted in a popular traveling museum exhibition and his first book—a work that chronicles his 2500-mile trek down America's waterways solo by canoe.
  • The River Inside, 2008
John Guider

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