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Karnes, Mitchell Scott
Keckley, Paul
Keith, Keely Brooke
Keith, Patty
Kelley, Janda
Kelton, Susan
Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Kerfoot, Cecilia
Keyes, Michael J.
Kezar, Dennis
Kile, Joan
Killen, Buddy
King, Daisy
King, Raylene
King, Thom
Kingsland, Rosemary
Kinnard, Richmond E.
Kirwan, Paula
Kline, John
Knight, James R.
Knight, Kathryn
Kosser, Michael
Kramp, John
Kubica, Cindy

Karnes, Mitchell Scott

Born in Kansas and reared in Illinois, Mitchell Karnes arrived in Tennessee as a student at Belmont University. There he completed a B.A. in English and later finished the Masters of Education in Composition where he was the first student to use a novel as a Master's thesis. He went through the creative process himself as part of learning how to teach it.

In Williamson County he has been both a minister and a teacher at Page High School where he sponsored their writing club. Karnes has published a one-act play, an essay, and two short stories, one of which appeared in the Williamson County anthology, Our Voices 1997. His novel was published on-line.

  • Crossing the Line, 2000

Keckley, Paul
After growing up in Chattanooga, Paul Keckley received his education at David Lipscomb University, Oxford University, and Ohio State. He started as a pre-med student and moved into economics in the healthcare curriculum. He has been president of PhyCor Management Corporation. Keckley has lived in Williamson County since 1987.
  • Integration Questions in Physicians/Hospital Affiliations (co-author), 1994
  • 99 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor and Why,1994
  • The Modern Handbook of Healthcare Research,1988

Keith, Keely Brooke (1977 - )

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely Brooke Keith was a tree-climbing, baseball-loving ‘80s kid. She grew up in a family who frequently relocated. By graduation, Keely lived in 8 states and attended 14 schools. Keely is a bass guitarist and plays on worship teams and for Christian artists. When she isn’t writing stories or playing bass, Keely enjoys having coffee with friends, preparing homeschool lessons, and collecting antique textbooks. She resides in Franklin.

  • Uncharted Inheritance, 2015
  • Uncharted Redemption, 2015
  • The Land Uncharted, 2014

Keith, Patty (1958 - )

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1958, Patty Keith is the author of the children's book series, Duck Ponder. Duck Ponder utilizes photography of water fowl to illustrate God's word with a simplistic and heartwarming approach. Each book includes Ponder This facts about the species and life lessons as well. The author has been a resident of Williamson County since 1987.

  • Never Fear, God is Always Here, 2014
  • It's Not Okay to Disobey, 2014
  • Bully Be Gone, 2014
  • Hank the Honking Goose Learns How to Listen, 2013
  • I Wish I Was a Mallard but God Made Me a Pekin Instead, 2013
  • Will You Be My Friend Even If I Am Different From You?, 2013
Author Patty Keith

Kelley, Janda (1950-2007)
Janda Kelley of Franklin is the author of Forget-Me-Not, a richly illustrated, sentimental ladies' gift book with a Victorian theme. She hosted ladies' retreats and spoke to ladies' groups about tea and etiquette. She enjoyed decorating, entertaining, and antique collecting.
  • Forget-Me-Not, 2004

Kelton, Susan (1946 -)
Born and raised in Louisiana, Susan attended Louisiana State University. An important time in her spiritual growth was when she had the opportunity to attend L'Abri, a residential international study center in Switzerland. During a long marriage including children and grandchildren, Susan made time to organize support for overseas missions. She has helped local ministries with financing, and has taken an interest in innovative education. She has brought her spiritual skills into helping people with their transitions.
  • My Grandmother Is Praying for Me, 2009 with Pamela Ferris and Kathy March

Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
Cecil Kemp began his career as an accountant, and by age 30 he had become the chief financial officer of a large publicly held company. In the financial crisis of 1982, his world crumbled. After near tragedy, he returned to the faith of his youth. Starting again, he and his wife, Patti, formed The Wisdom Company, a financial consulting group that has helped thousands apply the laws of wisdom the Kemps learned through painful experience.  Kemp lives and works in Brentwood.
  • The Seven Laws of Highest Prosperity  (with Kathryn Knight), 2001
The Hope Collection, 2000:
  • A Book of Hope for the Storms of Life (Healing Words for Troubled Times)
  • A Book of Hope for a Better Life (with Heather Hurd)
  • A Book of Hope on Abiding Faith
  • A Book of Hope We're Forgiven
  • A Book of Hope for Relationship Heartaches
  • A Book of Hope for Making Higher Connection
  • A Book of Hope for Shaping a Life of Honor
  • A Book of Hope for Leaders
  • A Book of Hope for Parents
  • A Book of Hope for Lasting Peace
  • A Book of Hope on Prayer
  • A Book of Hope for Achieving True Greatness
  • Wisdom, Honor, and Hope, 1998, 2000
  • Wisdom and Money, 1997

Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Growing up in a family of historians, Sherrilyn Kenyon knew she wanted to be a writer as long as she can remember. All through her schooling from kindergarten to university, she acted on that knowledge, thus racking up considerable experience. Finishing a Ph.D. in history, she continued with some journalism experience and articles for major magazines, then soon hit her stride with romance and paranormal novels in series which have found major publishers. She approached her work with energy for research as well as prolific creation of narratives. She has written under two names: Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kinley MacGregor. Each has several series.
  • Infinity: Chronicles of Nick, 2010
  • Born of Night, 2010
  • No Mercy, 2010
  • Night Pleasures, 2009
  • Whispered Lies, 2009
  • Born of Ice, 2009
  • Bad Moon Rising, 2009
  • Dream Warrior, 2009
  • One Silent Night, 2008
  • –"Shadow of the Moon,anthology Dead After Dark, 2008
  • Phantom of the Night, 2008
  • Upon the Midnight Clear, 2007
  • Sin's Book, 2007
  • Dream Hunter, 2007
  • Devil May Cry, 2007
  • Bad Novel, 2007
  • Acheron, 2007
  • Bad Attitude, 2006
  • Dark Side of the Moon, 2006
  • Unleash the Knight, 2006
  • Playing Easy to Get, 2006
  • Seize the Night, 2005
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, 2005
  • Sins of the Night, 2005
  • Born to be Bad, 2005
  • Big Guns Out of Uniform, MM release, 2005
  • –What Dreams May Come, anthology, 2005
  • –Untitled BAD, anthology, 2005
  • –Too Hot to Handle, 2005
  • Bad Attitude, 2005
  • –Night Pleasures, reissue 2004
  • –Kiss of the Night, 2004
  • –Night Play,2004
  • –Five Seasons of Angel, 2004
  • –Fire & Ice reissue (Man of My Dreams anthology) 2004
  • –Stroke of Midnight, 2004
  • –Night Embrace, 2003
  • –Seven Seasons of Buffy, 2003
  • –Phantom Lover (Midnight Pleasures Anthology) 2003
  • –Big Guns Out of Uniform, 2003
  • –Dance with the Devil, 2003
  • Fantasy Lover, 2002
  • –Dragonswan (Tapestry Anthology), 2002
  • Night Pleasures, 2002
  • Born of the Night , 2001
  • Fire & Ice, 2001
  • –Born of Night, 2001
  • –Naughty or Nice, 2001
  • Master of Seduction 2000
  • All I Want For Christmas 2000
  • A Pirate of Her Own 1999
  • –Born of Fire (e-book) 1998
  • –Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference 1996
  • –Born of the Night 1996
  • –Everyday Life in the Middle Ages 1995
  • –Daemon's Angel 1995
  • –Character-Naming Sourcebook 1994
  • –Paradise City 1994

as Kinley MacGregor

  • The Warrior, 2007
  • Sword of Darkness, 2006
  • Knight of Darkness, 2006
  • Return of the Warrior, 2005
  • A Pirate of Her Own reissue, 2005
  • –Master of Seduction reissue, 2005
  • –Master of Desire reissue, 2005
  • –Where's my hero?, 2004 large print
  • –A Dark Champion, 2004
  • –Midsummer's Knight (Where's My Hero), 2003
  • –Born in Sin, 2003
  • –Taming the Scotsman, 2003
  • –Claiming the Highlander, 2002
  • Master of Desire, 2001
Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kerfoot, Cecilia
After graduating from the University of Alabama, Cecilia Kerfoot became a public accountant until "motherhood called." In 1997 she moved with her family from Virginia to Williamson County and completed her book about first-time motherhood.
  • Two Foot Tyrant, 1999

Keyes, Michael J.
Born and reared in Williamson County, Michael J. Keyes became a psychiatrist in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. As a fishery biologist for the state of Tennessee, he taught angling and wildlife preservation. He was also a director of the U.S. Olympic shooting team. Keyes has written extensively for Shotgun Sports magazine, Fisherman, and he has been editor of North American Carp Angler magazine.
  • Mental Training for the Shotgun Sports, 1996
  • Modern Bank Fishing, 1992

Kezar, Dennis (1968- )
Dennis Kezar grew up in both Florida and Tennessee and earned a B.A. at The University of the South and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He moved to Franklin in 1997, accepting a professorship at Vanderbilt where he taught courses in Shakespeare and Milton.
  • Solon and Thespis: Theater and Law in Renaissance England, 2004
  • Guilty Creatures: Renaissance Poetry and the Ethics of Authorship, 2001

Kile, Joan (1940- )
Joan Kile was born in Ohio. She graduated from MTSU with a Master's degree in early childhood education while teaching at Scales Elementary School. She taught more than twenty years in public and private schools. Kile is the author of Musty, the Mustard Seed books. She did the voice of Musty, the Mustard Seed on a children's gospel radio program in Nashville. The idea for this series of books was conceived after she wrote, directed, and produced the program. Kile lives in Franklin.  
  • God's Protecting Angels, 2005
  • God's Fruit Tree, 2005
  • God's Fig Tree, 2005
  • God's Rugged Cross,1996
  • God's Mustard Seed, 1993

Killen, Buddy (1932- )
Originally from Florence, Alabama, Buddy Killen came to Tennessee immediately after high school graduation to play at the Grand Ole Opry. His music career grew through the years until he was able to found Buddy Killen Enterprises, an entertainment complex including restaurants, recording studios, and numerous music companies. Known as an astute businessman, he became a country music publisher, a songwriter, a musician, and a record producer. He has been instrumental in the discovery of some of the industry's greatest stars.  Killen has also been known for his many charitable activities, his support for the arts, and his work with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, as well as city and state governments. He lives in rural Williamson County and raises Arabian horses.
  • By the Seat of My Pants (autobiography), 1993

King, Daisy
Daisy King grew up in the Atlanta suburb of Buford, Georgia. She came to Nashville in the 1960s to attend Belmont College where she acquired a B.S. in home economics. She has taught and worked as a home economist in addition to her many years as proprietor of Miss Daisy's Restaurant, a popular eating place which began in Franklin's Carter's Court and later expanded to Nashville. King and her family have made their home in Williamson County for many years.
  • Miss Daisy's Healthy Southern Cooking, 2004
  • Miss Daisy's Blue Ribbon Desserts,2000
  • Hosting Without Hassle, 1996
  • Miss Daisy Celebrates Tennessee (with James Crutchfield and Winette Sparkman), 1995
  • Miss Daisy Cooks Light,1994
  • Taste of Homecoming (editor), 1989
  • Gracious Entertaining, Southern Style,1987
  • Miss Daisy Entertains,1986
  • The Original Tennessee Homecoming Cookbook (editor), 1985
  • Recipes from Miss Daisy,1978

King, Raylene (1958 - )
Raylene was born and reared in Smith County in the small community of Rome, Tennessee, near Carthage. She credits her high school English teachers with helping her develop her knack for writing. She said, "Writing sort of slipped up on me! I've always been a huge note-taker and I just began over the years to jot down thoughts, feelings, and observations from my life." Now residing in Nolensville, Tennessee, Raylene is the wife of pastor Dennis King. She has published her first book, a 31-day devotional based on parallels she has observed between herself and her beloved dog Cosmo and her personal relationship with God.
  • 31 Spiritual Lessons I Learned from My Dog, 2007

King, Thom
A native of Franklin, Thom King attended the University of Tennessee's School of Journalism on a Sigma Delta Phi scholarship based in part on his writing and photography done for the Review Appeal while in high school. King has written for radio news, cable TV, newspapers, and magazines. He is an award-winning photographer and was the official U.S. government staff photographer for the 1982 World's Fair. He and his co-author interviewed 5,000 women for his first book.
  • Sex, Intimacy and Lying About Love (with Debora Peterson), 1998
  • The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex (with Debora Peterson), 1997

Kingsland, Rosemary (1941- )
Rosemary Kingsland was born and educated in India. She worked in London as a journalist and screenwriter and lived in Tuscany, Italy, for three years. Kingsland has also lived in Fairview.
  • Secret Life of a Schoolgirl, 2003
  • Savage Seas,1999
  • After the Ball Was Over,1985
  • Cassata,1985
  • Saint Among Savages, 1980

Kinnard, Richmond E. (1935 - )
A native of Williamson County, Richmond Kinnard was educated in its public schools of the 1940s, then took Bachelor and Master of Science degrees at Tennessee State University to become first a soil scientist and soon a college professor at Langston University, Oklahoma. In retirement he returned to Williamson County, the scene of most of his book. The book brings together the memories of several siblings living through the many changes of the past seventy years.
  • Memories of the Past, 2004

Kirwan, Paula
Paula Kirwan was born in the South and moved to Brentwood in 1991. Most of her career has been spent as an office administrator, both as an industry employee and as a business owner. Her book is a guide to shopping in the Nashville area.
  • You Don't Have to Pay Retail,1992, 1994

Kline, John (1931 - )
From touring the world as one of the Harlem Globetrotters to establishing his own company on Health Promotion and Wellness, Dr. John Kline has exhibited many skills, followed many interests, and written about several of his ideas. He played basketball at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, dropped out to be a Globetrotter, suffered through and overcame a period of ex-celebrity drug abuse, then returned to Wayne State to take Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees in history and philosophy of education. His experiences combined with his interests led him not only to form his own wellness company but to hold government appointments in the Detroit city government, then both state and federal governments in the areas of controlling drug abuse and helping inner-city youth to make better lives for themselves. His background in sports led him to use them as inspiration to middle school youngsters.

He also worked for recognition of the African-American contribution to the game of basketball, influencing several resolutions in the United States Congress. He lives in Brentwood.
  • Barnstorming', 2009
  • Black Pawns in the Cold War : Ambassadors of Goodwill, 2007
  • The Life and Times of Junín' Johnny Kline, 2003
  • The Power of Positive Living, 2003, 2nd edition 2009
  • Urban Rites of Passage, Volume II, 2002
  • Urban Rites of Passage, Volume I, 2001
  • Never lose, 1996, 2nd edition, 2009
John Kline

Knight, James R.
James Knight grew up in the small town of Alma, Arkansas, where history buffs were "pretty much stuck with whoever happened to come by." Knight attended Harding University, majoring in general science, and then entered the Air Force to become a pilot. After military duty, he worked for Federal Express. However, he always remembered that "who came by" when his mother as a child stood in her front yard was the brother of Clyde Barrow (of Bonnie and Clyde fame) who had just shot a man. His mother saw the rifle in Barrow's brother's hand. Local research revealed that books about the outlaws differed from local newspaper accounts and people's memories. This gave Knight the platform for his book. Knight was also fortunate in owning some Civil War letters written from Maury County, Tennessee. Now a resident of Franklin, he has been developing these into a book.
  • Hood's Tennessee Campaign: The Desperate Venture of Desperate Man, 2014
  • The Battle of Pea Ridge: The Civil War Fight For the Ozarks, 2012
  • The Battle of Fort Donelson, 2011
  • The Battle of Franklin: The Devil Had Full Possession of the Earth, 2011
  • Letters to Anna, 2007
  • Bonnie and Clyde: a Twenty-first Century Update, 2003

Knight, Kathryn
As an Air Force child, growing up in both Europe and the United States, Kathy Knight had plenty of opportunity to learn about people and places. While still a child, she began writing stories and has never stopped. She went to William and Mary and then held a variety of teaching and private tutoring positions. At one time she was a copywriter and manager for an advertising firm. With her husband, a freelance photographer, Knight moved to Franklin in 1998. When she can find time between editing, ghost writing, and freelance article assignments, she works on her first love of writing children's books. As Kathryn Knight:
  • Farmyard Friends, 2002
  • Pretty Kitty, 2002
  • Playful Puppy, 2002
  • Where Do You Live?,2002
  • What Do You See?,2002
As Anne Alexander:
  • In the Toyshop, 2002
  • Santa's in Town, 2002
  • In the Manger, 2002
  • Our Christmas Tree, 2002
  • What Child Is this, 2001
As Katie Kobble:
  • Holly Has a Nose for Christmas, 2002
  • Puppy Dogs!,  2002
  • Big Dino Fun, 2002  As Slade Stone
The Booville Books Series: 
  • A Big Night in Booville, 2002
  • Frank Junior's 1st Pumpkin, 2002
  • Kate's Tricky Treat, 2002
  • The House on Haunted Hill, 2002

Kosser, Michael
Reared in Westchester County, New York, Michael Kosser received a degree in history and political science from Alfred University in upstate New York. He was an army lieutenant in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Kosser came to Nashville as a songwriter in 1971 and was a Williamson County resident for several years. He has written historical novels under the pen name Mike Roarke.
  • Warriors' Honor, 1999
  • Walks on the Wind, 1998
  • Autumn Thunder, 1997
  • Hot Country Women,1994
  • Hot Country, 1993
  • Country Music '88, 1988
  • The Conway Twitty Story, An Authorized Biography, 1986
  • How to Become a Successful Nashville Songwriter,1981
  • Those Bold and Beautiful Country Girls,1979 
  • Bringing It to Nashville, 1975  As Mike Roarke
  • Blood River,1995
  • Shadows on the Longhouse,1994
  • Silent Drums,1994
  • Thunder in the East,1993

Kramp, John  (1954- )
A native of Garland, Texas, John Kramp graduated from Baylor University and Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth. After serving as a pastor for several years, he became involved with Christian publishing, working with the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board.  He has written many articles for denominational magazines. The best known of his songs is "The Touch of the Master's Hand," which was recorded by Wayne Watson. Kramp has lived in Franklin since 1992. 
  • Getting Ahead by Staying Behind: How to Be a Better Follower of Jesus,1997
  • Into Their Shoes: Helping the Lost Find Christ (with Allen Jackson), 1996
  • Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes,1995

Kubica, Cindy
Born and educated in Michigan, Cindy Kubica moved to Tennessee for its music industry in 1979 but discovered that her true calling was in helping people learn how to present themselves successfully to the world. She found that she had more success in modeling and acting than in the music industry and within a year she was giving seminars. Her natural inclination to be a teacher led her to teach, as well as pursue her work in modeling and professional photography. Finally, her speaking and seminar programs became a full time profession.
  • In Search of Normal, 2002
  • I Want a Love Story to Happen to Me, 1998
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