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Management Magic, 1991 McAlindon, Harold R.
Managing Modern Capitalism (with John Logue and Bernt Schiller), 1992 Hancock, M. Donald
Managing Ourselves: Building a Community of Caring, 1992  Power, Elizabeth
Managing Ourselves: God in Our Midst , 1992  Power, Elizabeth
Marine Inboard Diesel Engine Maintenance (script), 1989 Stafford, Clay
Marine Inboard Gasoline Engine Maintenance (script), 1989 Stafford, Clay
Marriage in the Fast Lane, 1983 Cotham, Perry C.           
Married Beyond Recognition, 1988 Harney, Sylvia
The Mason Jar, 2011 Lingerfelt, James Russell
Master of Desire reissue, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Master of Desire, 2001 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Master of Seduction reissue, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Master of Seduction, 2000 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Master of the Crossroads, 2000 Bell, Madison Smartt
Materials on Environmental Law, 1999 Stensvaag, John-Mark
Math Made Fun for Young Children, 1981 Moorehead, Cleatus
Matt, the Moody Hermit Crab, 2002 McGee, Caroline
Maury's New Elements of Geography for Primary and Intermediate Classes, 1907, 1908, 1921 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Max's Cloud Critters, 2009 Sanders, Max
McGavock Confederate Cemetery (with Helen Hudgins), 1984 Potts, Helen Sawyer
McGavock Confederate Cemetery (with Helen Potts), 1989 Hudgins, Helen Hawes
McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Franklin, Tennessee: History and Record, 1997 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Meet Me at Chapman's Pie Wagon, 2002 Warwick, Richard
Meet the Presbyterians, 1978 McGeachy, Pat
Meet the Prophets, 1970 Skelton, Eugene
Meeting Needs, Sharing Christ, 1995 Atkinson, Don
Meetings Made Easy, 1995 Carter, Gregory A. 
Memoirs of Henry Goodpasture Goodpasture, Henry
Memorial: a Ministry of Healing, photos by Robin Hood; text by Barry Parker,  1997 Hood, Robin
Memories from the Heart, 1991 Phillips, Lynn
Memories in the Making, 2004 Stone, Lynda 
Memories of a Longshot: A Riproarious Life, 2007  Campbell, W. Cothran "Cot"  
Memories of the Past, 2004 Kinnard, Richmond E.
Mental Training for the Shotgun Sports, 1996 Keyes, Michael J.
Mentor and Friend, 1991 Jones, Timothy
Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life, 1999, 1994 Grant, George
Michael (script), 1989 Stafford, Clay
Michael W. Smith/Live the Life, 1999 Smith, Michael W.
Michigan Madness, 1991 Ham, Bob
Middle Tennessee Crossroads, Vols. 15, 1981 Lynch, Louise
Midsummer's Knight (Where's My Hero), 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Milbrey, 1972 Ingram, Mildred Rebecca Prewett
Miley Cyrus: Miles to Go, 2009 Cyrus, Miley
Mind Guest, 1984 Green, Sharon 
Mindrobics: How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life, 1995 Simms, Steve
Ministering the Steps to Freedom, 1998 Anderson, Neil T.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 1976 Johnian, Mona
Miscellaneous Records, Williamson County, Tennessee, Vols. 19, 1973, 1992 Lynch, Louise
Miss Daisy Celebrates Tennessee (with Daisy King and Winette Sparkman), 1995 Crutchfield, James A.
Miss Daisy Celebrates Tennessee (with James Crutchfield and Winette Sparkman), 1995 King, Daisy
Miss Daisy Cooks Light, 1994 King, Daisy
Miss Daisy Entertains, 1986 King, Daisy
Miss Daisy's Blue Ribbon Desserts, 2000 King, Daisy
Miss Daisy's Healthy Southern Cooking, 2004 King, Daisy
Miss Mary Bobo's Boardinghouse Cookbook, 1994 Mitchamore, Pat
Mississippi River Tales, 1998 Crutchfield, James A.
Mists of the Ages, 1988 Green, Sharon 
Mixed Blood, Mixed Emotions: Black Wisdom Writings in the Language of the People, 1979 Haddox, Freddie
Model Behavior, 1998 McInerney, Jay
Modern Bank Fishing, 1992 Keyes, Michael J.
Modern Course in German (with C.R. Goedsche), 1947 Flygt, Sten Gunnar
Mollie in Love, 1987 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Momma Always Said, "Pigs Is Pigs and Folks Is Folks", 1997 Hussung, Raleigh McDonald
Mollie in Love, 1987 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Moozie's Cow Wisdom for Grabbing Life by the Horns, 1999 Dreier, Ted A.
Moozie's Cow Wisdom for Life's Little Beefs, 1998 Dreier, Ted A.
Moozie's Cow Wisdom for Loving to the "Uddermost", 2003 Dreier, Ted A.
Moral Earthquakes (with O. S. Hawkins), 1996 Grant, George
More Home Cooking in a Hurry, 1986 Howell, Sarah
More Teacher Take-Out for Preschoolers, 1997 Mahand, Melinda
More Than Enough, 1999 Ramsey, Dave
More Than Friends, 1989 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Morning Light: Meditations to Awaken the Dawn (with members of the Empty Hands Fellowship), 1999 Green, Steve
Mornings with Fulton Sheen: 120 Holy Hour Meditations, 1998 Heirich, Beverly
Moses: God's Helper, 1976 Young, William E.
Mountain House, 1993  Colln, Louise                
Mountain Men of the American West, 1997 Crutchfield, James A.
Mr. Hermit Miser and the Neighborly Pumpkin, 1949 Govan, Christine Noble
Municipal Stormwater Management, 1996, 2003 (2nd ed.) Reese, Andrew
Murder in the House with the Blue Eyes, 1939 Govan, Christine Noble
Murder Manual, 1998 Womack, Steven
Murder on the Mountain, 1937 Govan, Christine Noble
Murder on the Wilson Pike, 1996 Little, T. Vance
Murphy's Fault, 1990 Womack, Steven
•  Mushroom in the Sand, 2009 Ferdowsi, Farsheed
Music in the Night, 1993 Wilson, Etta Grissim
Music You Wear, 1975  Wolfe, Bill
My Army Life and the Fort Phil Kearney Massacre with an Account of the Celebration of "Wyoming Opened," 1910,   reissued 1971 Carrington, Frances Courtney
My First Message: Amazing Stories of the Bible, 2008 Atwood, Jeff
My First Message: Stories of Jesus , 2008 Atwood, Jeff
My Friends in Other Faiths, 1973 Blackwell, William L.
My Grandmother Is Praying for Me, 2009 Kelton, Susan; March, Kathy
My Grandparents are Secret Agents (with Juan Saavedra Mourgues and Christian Gonzoles Valdez), 2009 Sava, Scott Christian
My Last Word, 1995 Lee, Martha Broyles
My Life in the Hills, 2010 Allen, Violet Page
My Love Is Free (But the Rest of Me Don't Come Cheap), 1997 Wall, Paula
My Vow of Silence: the Roughest Three Minutes of My Life, 2007  Steed, Tim
My Word: Tall Tales by a Taulman, 2005 Taulman, James  E.
Mystery at Fearsome Lake (with Emmy West), 1960 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at Ghost Lodge (with Emmy West), 1963 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at Plum Nelly (with Emmy West), 1959 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at Shingle Rock (with Emmy West), 1955 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Deserted Mill, (with Emmy West), 1958 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Echoing Cave (with Emmy West), 1965 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Haunted House (with Emmy West), 1959 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Indian Hide-Out (with Emmy West), 1957 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Mountain Face (with Emmy West), 1956 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Snowed-in Cabin (with Emmy West), 1961 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery at the Weird Ruins (with Emmy West), 1964 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery of the Dancing Skeleton (with Emmy West), 1962 Govan, Christine Noble
Mystery of the Vanishing Stamp (with Emmy West), 1958 Govan, Christine Noble
Naomi Judd's Guardian Angels, 2000 Judd, Naomi
Naomi's Breakthrough Guide: 20 Choices to Transform Your Life, 2004 Judd, Naomi
Naomi's Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought, and Kitchen Wit and Wisdom, 1997 Judd, Naomi
Narcissus an' De Chillun: Final Adventures of Those Plummer Children, 1938 Govan, Christine Noble
Narrative Design: A Writer's Guide to Structure, 1997 Bell, Madison Smartt
Narrative Design: Working with Imagination, Craft, and Form, 2000 Bell, Madison Smartt
Nashville 1864: The Dying of the Light, 1997 Jones, Madison
Nashville Wives  (co-author Tom Carter), 1998 Jones, Nancy
Nashville: The Pilgrims of Guitar Town (with photographer Michel Arnaud), 2000 Hicks, Robert
Native Americans in Williamson County, Tennessee, 2011 McCullough, Edward P.
Natural Wonders of Kentucky: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places, 1999 Lawrence, Ardi
Natural Wonders of Tennessee (with Ardi Lawrence), 1994 Lawrence, H. Lea
Natural Wonders of Tennessee: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places (with H. Lea Lawrence), 1994 Lawrence, Ardi
Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with Ardi Lawrence), 1999 Lawrence, H. Lea
Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with H. Lea Lawrence), 1999 Lawrence, Ardi
Naughty or Nice, 2001 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Nebraska Nightmare, 1990 Ham, Bob
Network Television News: Conviction, Controversy, and Point of View (with Paul C. Simpson and Patricia G. Lane), 1995 Badger, David
Never Lose, 1996, 2nd ed. 2009 Kline, John
Never Tell anyone Anything You Can Get Them to discover for Themselves , 1990  Taulman, James  E.
Never to Quit: A Story of Two Confederates, 1993 Armistead, Bob 
New Directions in Boethian Studies, 2007 Phillips, Philip Edward
New Profits from the Monetary Crisis, 1978 Browne, Harry
New York: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991 Stafford, Clay
Newscraft (co-author), 1982 Badger, David
Neyland: Life of a Stadium (with John Ward and Barry Parker), 2000 Hood, Robin
Night Embrace, 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Night Play, 2004 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Night Pleasures, 2002 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Night Pleasures, 2009 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Night Pleasures, reissue 2004 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
No Place But Texas, 1995 Harvey, Alex
No Room at the Inn: the Story of the Nativity, 2009  Malone, Jean M.
Not Just Life: The Abundant Life, 1999   Christopher, Betty Jean (Pennie)
Nothing Happens by Chance: Reflections, 1992 Wyatt, Margaret Early
Nothing Sacred: Journalism, Politics, and Public Trust in a Tell-All Age (co-author), 1994 Phillips, Bill R.
Number 5 Hackberry Street, 1964 Govan, Christine Noble
Nurturing a Child's Soul, 2000 Jones, Timothy
Nutrition and Diet in Health and Disease (with J. S. McLester), 1952 Darby, William J. 
Nutritional Deficiencies, Diagnosis and Treatment (assisted by E. White Patton), 1941, 1943, Spanish edition 1943 Youmans, John Barlow
O Desafio da Palavra Draper, James T., Jr.
Objects of His Affection, 2001 Smith, Scott
Obscenity, Pornography, and Censorship, 1973 Cotham, Perry C.           
Observations to Determine the Solar Parallax (with James Melville Gilliss), 1856 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Octopus Lives in the Ocean, 1968 Stephens, William M.
Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Keroauc, and Ginsberg, 1990 Cassady, Carolyn  Robinson
Oh Brother, 1988 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Okeechobee—A Modern Frontier, 1996 Janosky, Jim
Old Enough to Die, 1996 Wills, Ridley, II
Old Enough to Know, 1987 Smith, Michael W.
Old Enough to Know: What Teenagers Need to Know About Life and Relationships, 2000 Smith, Michael W.
Old Tales Retold, 1906 Bond, Octavia Zollicoffer
Old Time Soliloquy Yates, W. C.
Old Time Southern Cooking, 1996 Hooper, Judy Lee
Old Times in Tennessee, 1869 Paschall, Edwin
Old Town (with Virginia Goodpasture), 1950 Goodpasture, Henry
Omie's Laughs, 2010 Linnenbrink, Omerline
On Fathers, 1998 Brown, H. Jackson
On Friendship, 1996 Brown, H. Jackson
On Mothers, 1998 Brown, H. Jackson
On the Probable Relation between Magnetism and the Circulation of the Atmosphere, 1851 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
On This Day… A Short History of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, 1995 Crutchfield, James A.
On Wings and Prayers, 2001 Jerkins, Terri Wood
Once upon a Time on the Banks, 1989 Pelletier, Cathie
One Day at a Time, 2000 Anderson, Neil T.
One Hundred Years of BGA Football, 1894-1994, 1994 Perkins, Cris
One More Day, 2012 Perdue, James M.
One Silent Night, 2000 Chaffee, Janice
One Silent Night, 2008 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
O'Neall Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1835 -1859:an illustrated garden of stones, 1992 Cheesman, David Ray
Opportunities in Stewardship for Concerned Christians in a Local Church (with John C. Espic), 1975 Rieke, Thomas C.
Opposites Attract, 2012 Britnell, Angela
Ordinary Women, Not, 2003 Morris, Shelly Gail
Organizational Management (editor), 1993 Cotham, James C., III
Origins of Theoretical Population Genetics, 2001 Provine Family
Our Big, Big God , 2007 Atwood, Jeff
Our Character, Our Future: Reclaiming America's Moral Destiny (with Alan Keyes), 1996 Grant, George
Our Christmas Tree, 2002 Knight, Kathryn
Our Inheritance of Faith, 1958 McGeachy, Pat
Our Valiant Men, 1976 Lynch, Louise
Our World Underwater, 1962 Stephens, William M.
Out of Egypt: Inspirations for Conquering Life's Strongholds, 2000 Shamblin, Gwen
Out of Obscurity, 2000 Lee, S. R.
Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes, 1995 Kramp, John
Outreach for Children, 1971 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Over-Mountain Boy, 1952  Steele, William O.
Over to You, 1991 Lee, Stellasue
Overcoming a Negative Self-Image, 2003 Anderson, Neil T.
Overcoming Addictive Behavior, 2003 Anderson, Neil T.
Overcoming Depression, 2004 Anderson, Neil T.
Ozark Payback, 1990 Ham, Bob
Quotes for the Journey Through Life , 2010 Dyer, Christopher
Pacific Time on Target: Memoirs of a Marine Aetillery Officer, 1943-1945, 2012 McCall, Jack,
Papers of Matthew Fontaine Maury, 1825-1960 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Parable of Joy: Reflections on the Wisdom of the Book of John, 1995 Card, Michael
Parables and People, 2011 Hatcher, Howard W.
Paradise City, 1994 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Paradise, 1994 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Parenting Principles, 2001 Slonecker, William
Past & Present Towns, Villages, and Cemeteries of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1994 Cheesman, David Ray
Pathway to Tennessee History, 1998 Badger, David
Patient Betrayal (with Timothy Kaine), 2003 Ball, Alice Breuer
Patterns of Power (script), 1990 Stafford, Clay
Paul Says, 2001 Augustine, Peg
Payne S. Stewart: The Authorized Biography (with Tracey Stewart), 2000 Abraham, Ken
Peabody and Alfred Leland Crabb: the Story of Peabody as Reflected in Selected Writings of Alfred Leland Crabb (editor), 1977 Windrow, John Edwin
Perot: The Populist Appeal of Strong-Man Politics, 1992 Grant, George
Personal War, 1989 Ham, Bob
Pet Robots, 2008 Sava, Scott Christian
Peter, the Prince of Apostles, 1976, 1981 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Phantom Lover (Midnight Pleasures Anthology), 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Phantom of the Night, 2008 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Phantom of the Roxy, 1997 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Philippians: The Believer's Joy in Church, 1980 Draper, James T., Jr.
Phinny's Fine Summer, 1968 Govan, Christine Noble
Physicians of Williamson County: A Legacy of Healing, 17971997, 1997 Alexander, Hudson
Picture Perfect Patchwork, 1993 Giger-Norman, Naomi
Pinhook Cemetery of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1828-1901: an illustrated garden of stones, 1989 Cheesman, David Ray
Pink Butterbeans, Stories from the heart of a Southern woman, 2005 Rhodes, Kathy Hardy 
Pioneer Architecture in Tennessee, 1988 Crutchfield, James A.
Play by Play: 25 Years of Royals on Radio (with Denny Matthews, Fred White, and George Brett), 1999 Fulks, Matthew W.
Playful Puppy, 2002 Knight, Kathryn
Playing Easy to Get, 2006 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Please Don't Bug Me, 2007  Ross, Tim
Plenum, 1999 Norwood, Ben
Plowing Wind and Time, 2007 Allen, William Fletcher
Poetry on Canvas, 1997 Allen, Mary
Pogiebait's War, 2001 McCall, Jack H.
Politics in the Post-Welfare State: Responses to the New Individualism, 1972 Hancock, M. Donald
Politics in Western Europe (with others), 1993, revised 1998, 2001 Hancock, M. Donald
Politics, Americanism, and Christianity, 1976 Cotham, Perry C.           
Politics of Immortality, 2010 Benesch, James E.
Politics, Preaching and Philosophy, 2009  Peach, Bill
Positive Holiness, 1988 Abraham, Ken
Postcards from Jack Daniel's: The Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook (co-author), 1995 Mitchamore, Pat
Potter and Clay, 1975 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Powderpuff Girls Spiral Activity Book, 2004 Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell
Power for This Day, 1964 Hartman, Mary Jane
The Power of Positive Living, 2003 Kline, John
Prairie Potpourri, 1966 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Praise and Worship: A Devotional for Little Ones (with Angela Abraham), 1996 Abraham, Ken
Prayer in Baptist Life: A Historical Survey, 1986 Deweese, Charles W.
Prayer's Apprentice: a Year with the Great Spiritual Mentors, 2000 Jones, Timothy
Prayers for the Seasons of Life, 1997 Downing, Sue
Praying with Jesus: Experiencing New Depths in Prayer (with Tom Cook), 2001 Riley, Tom
Praying with Jesus: Experiencing New Depths in Prayer (with Tom Riley), 2001 Cook, Tom
Preaching with Spiritual Passion, 1998 Rowell, Ed
Precision Conducting: The Seven Disciplines of the Masterful Conductor, 1996 Sharp, Timothy
Presley Family, 1994 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Pretty Kitty, 2002 Knight, Kathryn
Price of Fredom, 2002 Smith, Michael W.
Priceless, 2001 Ramsey, Dave
Principles of Cancer Biotherapy, 1987, 2nd ed. 1991, 3rd ed. 1998 Oldham, Robert K. 
Priorities in Ministry, 1978 Mosley, Ernest E.
Prodigal Song: A Memoir, 2003 Robinson, James Eugene
Programming in BASIC for Technology Students (with Darrell Abney), 1986 Rubin, Laurence 
Promises of the Messiah (with Abram K. Abraham), 1987 Abraham, Ken
Prophets Who Spoke for God, 1981 Blackwell, William L.
Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse (with Jim Bakker), 1998 Abraham, Ken
Proverbs: The Secret of Beautiful Living, 1977 Draper, James T., Jr.
Providence: Once Upon a Second Chance, 2007 Coppernoll, Christopher
Prowling Papa's Waters: A Hemingway Odyssey, 1992 Lawrence, H. Lea
Puppy Dogs!,  2002 Knight, Kathryn
Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Guide for Men on How to Dress, 1975 Speer, Michael L.
Quality and Customer Satisfaction, 1994 McAlindon, Harold R.
Quality, 1988 McAlindon, Harold R.
Queen Anne's Lace and Other Weeds, 1997 Hartman, Mary Jane
Queen Anne's Lace Blooms Again, 2002 Hartman, Mary Jane
Queen of Diamonds (with Carol Ann Rapp), 2000 Gregory, Joseph Charles McLean
Quest for the Eye of Light: The First Book of Mankiah, 1997 Clemons, Donnie
Quimica (with John W. Dawson et al.), 1971 Johnston, David Owen
Rachel Jackson, Tennessee Girl, 1955 Govan, Christine Noble
Racing to Win (with Joe Gibbs), 2002 Abraham, Ken
Radical Image, 1998  
Raising the Standard of Morality, 1991 Johnian, Mona
Random Thoughts, Left and Right, 1998 Peach, Bill
Random Stories, 2008 Sawyer, J. Scott
Ransom, 1985 McInerney, Jay
Rascals and Racehorses, 2002 Anderson, Neil T.
Real Life, 2000 Campbell, W. Cothran "Cot"  
Reality Check, 1996 Anderson, Neil T.
Reasons Why We Should Believe in God, Love God, and Obey God, 1884 Burnett, Peter H. 
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, 2003 Colln, Louise                
Rebel Prince, 1986 Green, Sharon 
Rebuilding the Walls: A Biblical Strategy for Restoring America's Greatness (with Peter Waldron), 1987 Grant, George
Recipes from Miss Daisy, 1978 King, Daisy
Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, 1880 Burnett, Peter H. 
Recollections of a Lifetime, 1923 Caldwell, James E.
Recollections of the West, 1834 Garrett, Lewis
Recollections of Virginia Carson Jefferson: A Childhood in Manchester Tennessee, Coffee County, 1993 Jefferson, Virginia Carson
Record Book, Letters of Administration, No. 1, 18381855, (abstracted), 1971 Lynch, Louise
Reflections of Faith, 1983 Bennett, Harold C.
Reflections of Heaven, 1999 Shockey, Peter
Reflections of the Heart, 1992 Allen, Mary
Reign of Grace: the Delights and Demands of God's Love, 2003 Smith, Scott
Released from Bondage, 1991 Anderson, Neil T.
Releasing the Inner Voice: A Guide for Singers, 1995 Halbert, Marjorie
Remembering the Summer of the Pink Flamingoes, 2010 Sawyer, J. Scott
Renewing Your Mind, 1994 Johnian, Mona
Repairers of the Breach: Memoir of a Missionary, Nagasaki, 1948-1951, 2009 Mayer, Margery
Restored, 2007 Anderson, Neil T.
Return of the Warrior, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Return to Hackberry Street, 1967 Govan, Christine Noble
Return to Innismere, 1991 O'Neill, Suzannah
Review of German Grammar Based on Selected Texts, 1959 Flygt, Sten Gunnar
Revival 2000, 1995 Johnian, Mona
Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last, 1982 Chapdelaine, Perry A.
Right Thing (with Scott Waddle), 2002 Abraham, Ken
Righteous Pursuit, 2000 Anderson, Neil T.
Righteousness in Christ, (with E.M. Blaiklock), 1973 Lane, William L.
Righteousness, 1978 Lane, William L.
Rise Above: God Can Set You Free From Your Weight Problems Forever, 2000 Shamblin, Gwen
The River Inside, 2008 Guider, John
Rivers of Revival, 1997 Anderson, Neil T.
Road Stories and Recipes, 1997 Nix, Don
Robert's Lady, 2000 Place, Michelle Nicole
Robert's Lady, 2000 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Rolling Vengeance, 1991 Ham, Bob
Ruby's Son: A Journey from Poverty to Peace, 2011 Langley, Bobby
Runaway (Dear Diary series), 1995   Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Runaway America: U.S. Jobs and Factories on the Move (with Beth Sims), 1993 Browne, Harry
Rutherford County, Tennessee, Record book A, No. 1, 1804-1814, 1980 Lynch, Louise
Saga of the Red Son of Blue Thunder, 1991 Hudgins, Helen Hawes
Sage Cottage Herb Garden Cookbook, 1995 Norris, Dorry Baird
Saint Among Savages, 1980 Kingsland, Rosemary
Saints Among Us (with George Gallup, Jr.), 1992 Jones, Timothy
San Antonio Seduction, 2006 Colln, Louise                
Santa's in Town, 2002 Knight, Kathryn
Savage Seas, 1999 Kingsland, Rosemary
Savannah by the Sea, 2006 Hildreth, Denise
Savannah Comes Undone, 2005 Hildreth, Denise
Savannah from Savannah, 2004 Hildreth, Denise
Save Me, Joe Louis, 1993  Bell, Madison Smartt
Saving Graces: The Inspirational Writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1997 Hines, Stephen W.
Say, Neighbor, Your House Is on Fire, 1975 Draper, James T., Jr.
Scammed! The Frankel Victims, 2005 Sloan, W. Keith
A Scarlet Cord of Hope ... My Journey through Guilt, Shame, and Fear to Hope, 2010 Griffin, Sheryl
Science Beneath the Sea: The Story of Oceanography, 1966 Stephens, William M.
Screen Play: a Novel, 2010 Coppernoll, Christopher
Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity, 2002 Card, Michael
Sea Turtle Swims in the Ocean, 1971 Stephens, William M.
Seahorse:  Fish in Armor, 1969 Stephens, William M.
Searching for Paul: a Novel, 2000 Jerkins, Terri Wood
Season of Joy: Celebrating the True Meaning of Christmas, 1999 Card, Susan
Season of the Strangler, 1982 Jones, Madison
Seasons of Aromatherapy (co-author Paula M. Bousquet), 1998 Fitzsimmons, Judith (1954-  )
Second Best, 1988 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Second Wind, 2012 Bell, Stephanie Renee
Secret Admirer, 1999 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Secret Life of a Schoolgirl, 2003 Kingsland, Rosemary
Secrets of a Diplomatic Courier: World War II, 1992 Caldwell, Ambrose
Secrets of a Faith Well Lived, 2001 Coppernoll, Christopher
Seduction of Our Children, 1991 Anderson, Neil T.
Seize the Night, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Sela's Sounds of Silence, 1995 Pearson, Sela Serenity
Self Health: The Perfect Health Plan, 2000 Pinson, Richard D.
Setting Your Church Free, 1994 Anderson, Neil T.
Seven Seasons of Buffy, 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Sewell Wright and Evolutionary Biology, 1986, 2001 Provine Family
Sex, Intimacy and Lying About Love (with Debora Peterson), 1998  King, Thom
Shadow of the Moon anthology, Dead After Dark, 2008 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Shadow Self, 2000 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Shadows of IRS, 2000 Dyer, Gary
Shadows on the Longhouse, 1994 Kosser, Michael
Shakespeare on Leadership: Timeless Wisdom for Daily Challenges, 1994 Talbott, Frederick  E.
Sharing Four Cultures: A Journey of Love, 1997  Burrus, Barbara
Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies of Men and Nations (with Karen Grant), 1999 Grant, George
Sheltering Trees: the Power, Promise, and Refuge of Friendship, 2001 VanLiere, Donna
SHHHH . . . It's Time for the Devotional, 1981, 1993 Irvin, Susie Sims
Sickler Cemetery of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1861-1977: an illustrated garden of stones, 1989 Cheesman, David Ray
Silent Drums, 1994 Kosser, Michael
Silent Night, a Mouse Tale (co-author, Betsy Hernandez), 1992 Monk, Donny
Silent Night, a Mouse Tale (with Donny Monk), 1992 Hernandez, Betsy
Silent Tears, 1999 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Silken Dreams, 1994 Green, Sharon 
Silver Princess, Golden Knight, 1993  Green, Sharon 
Sin's Book, 2007 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Sins of the Night, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Sisters: The Story Goes On, 1995 Chaffee, Janice
The Sixth William, 2012 Davis, John Neely
Skyler and the Sea, 2012 Rogers, Lauren
Sleep Sound in Jesus, 1989 Card, Michael
Smash Cut, 1991 Womack, Steven
Snakes (with photographer John Netherton), 1999 Badger, David
Sold Out for God, 1998  
Soldier's Joy, 1989 Bell, Madison Smartt
Solon and Thespis: Theater and Law in Renaissance England , 2004 Kezar, Dennis
Something Real Pretty, but…, 2003 Lovell, Elizabeth Reid
Sonrise to Sonset, 2006 Gross, Robert L.
Sons of a Trackless Forest: The Cumberland Longhunters of the Eighteenth Century, 1997 Baker, Mark A.
The SonShip Series, 2007 Swift, Grace
Soul 2 Soul, 1998 Coppernoll, Christopher
Souls on Fire, 1998 Stephens, William M.
The Sound of My Daughter's Voice, 2000 Hastings, Wayne
Southern Baptist Trusteeship, 1993 Walker, Arthur L.
Southern Seashores, 1968 Stephens, William M.
Spain's Civil War, 1996 Browne, Harry
Special Events: Best Practices in Modern Events Management, 1997 Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Special Events: Global Management in the 21st Century, 2001 Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Special Events: The Art and Science of Celebration, 1994 Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Speechless: Living in Awe of God's Disruptive Grace (with Scotty Smith), 2000 Chapman, Steven Curtis
Speechless: Living in Awe of God's Disruptive Grace (with Steven Curtis Chapman), 1999 Smith, Scott
Spirit of Monterey, 2009 Lee, S. R.
Spirit Ritual, 2006 Hilliard, K. Mark
Spiritual Aerobics, 1987 Schott, Linda
Spiritual Formation Bible: Growing in Intimacy with God Through Scripture  (general editor), 1999 Jones, Timothy
Spiritual Protection for Your Children, 1996  
Spork of the Ayor, 1978 Chapdelaine, Perry A.
Spring Grove Cemetery of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1845-: Wea Township: an illustrated garden of stones -01991Union Township cemetery index: Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1994 Cheesman, David Ray
Spring Hill, Tennessee: A Novel, 1990 Hall, Tom T.
Stand Up and Fight Back: A Young Person's Guide to Spiritual Warfare, 1993 Abraham, Ken
Star Codes, 2009 Johnian, Mona
Star Quality, 1987 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Stealing the Scene, 1988 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Steps to Freedom in Christ, 2002 Anderson, Neil T.
Stomping Out Depression, 2001 Anderson, Neil T.
Stomping Out Fear, 2003 Anderson, Neil T.
Stomping Out the Darkness, 1993 Anderson, Neil t.
Story of My Life, 1988 McInerney, Jay
Straight Cut, 1986 Bell, Madison Smartt
Strategic Planning for Private Higher Education (with others), 1997 Oosting, Kenneth W.
Strengthening Our Congregation's Stewardship, 1981 Rieke, Thomas C.
Stroke of Midnight, 2004 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Summer's End: The Clan MacLean, 2001 Hayworth, Lynne
Sunshine and Shadows, 1994 Phillips, Lynn
Surprise, Surprise, 1989 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Survey and Entry Book, 18241902, 1985 Lynch, Louise
Survival Notes for Graduates: Inspiration for the Ultimate Journey, 2004 Stofel, Robert
Surviving and Thriving After Losing Your Job: How this Could Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You, 2009 Jones, David
Surviving Betrayal, 1995 Harvey, Donald R.
Surviving Myself, 1999 O'Neill, Jennifer
Swallows Her Pride Down on Friendly Acres, 2003, 2004, 2005 Friend, Ronda
Swampworld West, 1974 Chapdelaine, Perry A.
Sweden : a Multiparty System in Transition?, 1968 Hancock, M. Donald
Sweden : The Politics of Post-industrial Change, 1972 Hancock, M. Donald
Sweet By and By, 2010 Evans, Sara
Sweet Dreams, Anita Bonita 2008 Anderson, Wren
Sweet Possum Valley, 1940 Govan, Christine Noble
Sword of Darkness, 2006 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
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