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Waldrop, C. Sybil
Walker, Arthur L.
Wall, Paula
Waller, Mary Webb
Walter, Judith Burton
Warwick, Richard
Watkins, Kate Sullivan
Weakley, Mary Ann
Wellington, Sam
Wells, Ed
Wells, William W.
White, Edward K. III
White, Katie Kinnard
White, Pamela L.
Wibking, Tim
Widick, Sylvia Harney
   see Harney, Sylvia
Williams, Fleming Jr.
Wills, Ridley, II
Wilson, Etta Grissim
Wilson, Jack Case
Windrow, John Edwin
Wolfe, Bill
Womack, Steven

Worley, Karla
Wyatt, Margaret Early
Wysocky, Lisa

Yates, W. C.
Youmans, John Barlow
Young, William E.

Zach, Cheryl Byrd

Waldrop, C. Sybil (1928- ) 
C. Sybil Waldrop, a native of Louisiana, was a former manager of the preschool curriculum section of the Baptist Sunday School Board. She received her B.A. degree from Centenary College, an M.E. and Ph.D. in education from the University of North Texas, and has done further graduate study at Scarritt College in Nashville. She has taught in the public schools of Texas and New Mexico and at Southeastern College, North Texas State University, and Eastern Kentucky University. She has written numerous articles for professional periodicals both religious and secular.
  • Teaching Preschoolers the Bible, 1991
  • Getting Good at Being You, 1989, 2001
  • Guiding Your Child Toward God, 1985
  • Understanding Today's Preschoolers, 1982

Walker, Arthur L. 
Arthur L. Walker was born in Alabama and received his B.A. degree from Samford University, his M.Div. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught at Samford, where he was also dean of students and vice president of student affairs, at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he was dean of students and director of ministry training, and at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. From 1978 to 1993 he was executive director or treasurer of the Southern Baptist Convention, Southern Baptist Commission of American Baptist Theological Seminaries, and the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools.
  • Southern Baptist Trusteeship, 1993
  • By Their Fruits, 1982
  • Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, IV (contributor), 1982
  • Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, III (contributor), 1971

Wall, Paula (1954- )
Paula Wall was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, but grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. She majored in environmental science at Austin Peay State University . She worked as an environmentalist, but eventually became a full-time humorist with a nationally syndicated column for Universal Press. She was named "Humor Columnist of the Year" in 1997 by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and was a semi-finalist for the 1999 Thurber Award. Her books have been translated into four languages. If I Were a Man, I'd Marry Me stayed on the (Humor) Best Sellers List for twenty-seven weeks. She and the "Sweetie" of her column own land in Fernvale.
  • The Wilde Women, 2007
  • The Rock Orchard, 2005
  • If I Were a Man, I'd Marry Me, 1999
  • My Love Is Free (But the Rest of Me Don't Come Cheap), 1997
Paula Wall

Waller, Mary Webb 
Mary Webb Waller was raised in Cookeville as one of nine siblings. She attended the Putnam County public schools and graduated from David Lipscomb University. She taught in the school systems in Putnam and Williamson Counties before becoming a social worker in 1945. She has lived in Brentwood.
  • Walking Softly, 1994

Walter, Judith Burton 
Judith Burton-Walter resides in Nashville, TN. While working as a counselor, she contributed articles to professional newsletters and, for six years, wrote a weekly newsletter for parents. After her retirement, she wrote a column for Mature Lifestyles of TN. She has had poetry and creative non-fiction published by Muscadine Lines, an on-line journal for Southern Writers, and has a short story included in "Filtered Through Time", an anthology of fiction and poetry.
  • Fleeing the Nest, 2013

Warwick, Richard (1947- ) 
Born in Anderson County, Rick Warwick moved to Williamson County in 1970 and became librarian at Hillsboro School. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, he has been editor of the Williamson County Historical Society's annual journal for several years. He coordinated and wrote many of the Williamson County entries in the Bicentennial Tennessee Encyclopedia. He has undertaken a four-volume work of Who's Who in Williamson County based on interviews conducted by Jane Owen between 1936 and 1953. Warwick has unselfishly shared his growing knowledge of the county's history with all who seek it. He has also taken as a project the documentation of Williamson County's "material culture"—its furniture, samplers, paintings, and other items—and has organized exhibits to share his findings.
  • Who's Who In Williamson County (with Derry Carlisle and Jane Bowman Owen), 2015, 2003
  • Williamson County & The Civil War As Seen Through The Female Experience, 2008
  • Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Tour of Franklin and Williamson County, 2007
  • Williamson County: The Civil War Years Revealed Through Letters, Diaries and Memoirs, 2006
  • Freedom and Work in the Reconstruction Era: The Freedmen's Bureau Labor Contracts of Williamson County, Tennessee, 2006
  • Williamson County: More Than A Good Place to Live, 2005
  • Triune: Two Centuries At The Crossroads, 2004
  • Meet Me at Chapman's Pie Wagon, 2002
  • Williamson County: Out There in the First District, 2001
  • Williamson County in Black and White, (editor and compiler), 2000
  • Leiper's Fork: Our Family Album, 2000
  • Williamson County in Black and White, 1999
  • Historical Markers of Williamson County, Tennessee--A Pictorial Guide, 1999
  • Leiper's Fork & Surrounding Communities, 1999
  • Letters to Laura, (with Sadye Tune Wilson and Nancy Tune Fitzgerald), 1997
  • Hillsboro School, 100 Years, 1891–1991, 1991
  • A Century of Chairmakers in Williamson County, 1850–1950, 1989
  • Franklin: A Photographic Recollection Volume 2, 1989

Watkins, Kate Sullivan (1967 - ) 
Kate Sullivan Watkins was reared on a farm in Williamson County. She graduated from Franklin High School and David Lipscomb University. Before having her own children, she taught elementary school. She has been an author and freelance creator of activity pages with Dalmatian Press of Brentwood, which publishes children's materials. She and her husband Larry have been contributing editors to the magazine Nashville Christian Family.Her book A Craving for Life describes her eleven-year struggle with bulimia.
  • Dooley the Dinosaur, 1997
  • The Ugly Duckling (retold), 1997
  • A Craving for Life, 1995

Weakley, Mary Ann 
Weakley grew up on a farm in the plains of Central Illinois, the youngest of five children and only girl born to her Irish father and Polish mother. With an adventurous spirit, she begged her parents permission to attend a Catholic boarding high school in historic Nauvoo, Illinois; a decision that took her far from the safe environment of her family and small town life. That choice changed the course of her life. After graduating from the Catholic high school, she entered the Benedictine convent of the Sisters who taught her. Convent life was peaceful, but strict. After twenty happy years, her blissful life was shattered; she left the community and began the process of survival on the outside. A few years out of the convent, Weakley married and lived in Sleepy Hollow, IL. She later moved with her husband to Tennessee where she built a successful interior design business. A latent desire to write became a passion fulfilled when joining writing groups. When friends learned she had been a nun for twenty years in Illinois—a secret she usually held close—their interest and curiosity encouraged her to expand her personal essays into a memoir. Details of those twenty years—why she entered the convent, what convent life was like, why she left it, and how she met her husband and decided to marry are in her first book—MONASTERY TO MATRIMONY, A Woman’s Journey. Weakley, a widow now, writes and lives in The Villages, Florida with her faithful cat, Sammie.
  • Monastery to Matrimony: A Woman's Journey, 2014

Wellington, Sam
Franklin resident Sam Wellington was a member of The Fabulous Four Guys, a country group that, prior to its retirement in 1999, was for thirty-two years a member of the Grand Ole Opry.  After service in the Navy, Wellington worked as a newspaper reporter and as a radio and TV newscaster in the early 1960s. The Fabulous Four Guys moved to Nashville in 1967. 
  • In the Beginning…There Was the Men's Room, 2008
  • Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star?: The Right Way - The Wrong Way And the Nashville Way to Launch And Maintain a Music Career!, 2005
Sam Wellington

Wells, Ed 
Ed Wells was born and reared in Moline, Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi River. He graduated from the University of Illinois. After taking an accounting job, he found that the life of numbers was not for him. He accepted a commission in the Air Force, embarking on a career that found him living in many parts of the world. He retired after twenty years and came to Williamson County in 1977 to accept a management position. He founded his own company and began to write.
  • Lethal Cargo, 2000

Wells, William W.  
William W. Wells was born in Nashville and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. After serving in World War II, he was recalled to active duty during the Korean War and served for two years as a fighter pilot. His book cited below is a collection of more than 180 letters that Wells wrote home to his family while he was taking fighter pilot training in England. He was an escort for Joseph Kennedy Jr.'s secret mission when Kennedy's plane exploded.
  • Letters from an Airman—World War II, 1992

White, Edward K. III
  • Popo and Gigi's Adventures of Tom the Cat and Big Red: Red Slider Is Set Free in Frog Pond (with Pamela L. White), 2012

White, Katie Kinnard 
Katie Kinnard White not only was born, reared, and educated in Williamson County, but also reared her own family here. She attended Tennessee State University, majoring in biology, and earned a Ph.D. at Walden University in science education. After ten years in the public schools of Middle Tennessee, she became professor of biological sciences at Tennessee State University. In addition to church history, she has written science laboratory manuals and a history of her collegiate sorority. Her church is on the site of the old Sunnyside School near the Grassland community.
  • From Whence We Came: the History of Greater Pleasant View Baptist Church 1894-1999 (with George Northern), 1999
  • The Legacy Continues . . . (with Ann Lawrence-Brown, Evelyn Hood, and Lillie Wilkes), 1994
  • Biophysical Science Laboratory Manual (with other members of the faculty), 1978, 1981, 1989
  • Learning About Living Things for the Elementary School (with Alfred Aubry and Tillman Jackson), 1966
  • Learning About Our Physical World for the Elementary School (with Alfred Aubry and Tillman Jackson), 1966

White, Pamela L.
  • Popo and Gigi's Adventures of Tom the Cat and Big Red: Red Slider Is Set Free in Frog Pond (with Edward K. White,III), 2012

Wibking, Tim (1955- )
After growing up in Clarksville, Tim Wibking studied in Switzerland and at Murray State University before graduating from Austin Peay State University. After receiving his degree from University of Tennessee Law School, he served in the army JAG in Germany. Later, he served as legal counsel for the Tennessee School Boards Association. Struggles with childcare led Wibking and his wife, Dr. Janet Dittus, to decide that he would stay at home with their son, Ben, for his early years. His latest book relates experiences of father and son. Wibking has written freelance articles on parenting and a weekly newspaper column recounting his activities with Ben and Ben's adopted sister from China, Gabby. Wibking's writing is included in Our Voices, 1997 and 1998. 
  • A Boy for All Seasons, 1996
  • The Public Education Law Handbook, 1989

Widick, Sylvia Harney see Harney, Sylvia

Williams, Fleming, Jr.
When Fleming Williams took over the Williamson County Sheriff's Department in 1970, he had been in the oil business. He was drafted into service when friends circulated a petition and then convinced him to run. Once in office, with help from friends in state and federal law enforcement and several courses in law enforcement, Williams quickly learned the legal system and proceeded to make major changes in Williamson County. Using his own case records and case photos, Williams tells readers, in his own words, about the Williamson County he was hired to tame in his book, "A Tennessee Sheriff, Williamson County cases from 1970 to 1990."
  • A Tennessee Sheriff: Williamson County Cases 1970-1990, 2013

Wills, Ridley, II 
Ridley Wills II is the great great-grandson of William Giles Harding, owner of Belle Meade Mansion in Nashville, and a great-grandson of Judge Howell E. Jackson, owner of West Meade. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he majored in history and has taught Nashville history to the public since 1985. He is the son of Jesse Wills, poet and president of the National Life and Accident Insurance Company. Wills is a member of a number of historical organizations and lives at Meeting of the Waters, the Williamson County home of Nicholas Perkins.
  • Heritage, Highballs and Hijinks: Colorful Characters I Have Known, 2010
  • Tennessee Governors at Home: Executive Residences of Tennessee's First Families, 1999
  • Old Enough to Die, 1996
  • Touring Tennessee: A Postcard Panorama, 1898–1955, 1996
  • A Brief History of the YMCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, 1996
  • A Walking Tour of Mount Olivet Cemetery, 1993
  • The History of Belle Meade: Mansion, Plantation, & Stud, 1991
  • Belle Meade Bloodlines, 1816–1904, 1990
W. Ridley Wills II

Wilson, Etta Grissim 
Etta Wilson was born in Lebanon, and spent her early years in Wilson County.  Her degrees are from the University of Tennessee, the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia, and Peabody's School of Library Science. She has been editor of A Closer Look, a review publication for Christian books and media, and also children's book review editor for BookPage. She owned March Media, which published Tennessee Trailblazers, a collection of stories about famous characters in Tennessee history. This book has been adopted for use in elementary classes across Tennessee. In addition to the books listed below, she has written the text for about a dozen "smaller books."
  • The Story of Easter, 1997
  • The Bible Encyclopedia, 1994          
  • The Bible Dictionary, 1993
  • The Bible Atlas, 1993
  • Music in the Night, 1993
  • The Value of Excellence, 1991

Wilson, Jack Case 
Jack Case Wilson is a fifth-generation native of Mississippi. He received his B.A. degree from the University of Mississippi and an M.A. in classical archeology. He attended Vanderbilt University Law School and is a title attorney. While in Oxford, he wrote the work cited below, a history of Oxford, Mississippi. Wilson later moved to  Brentwood.
  • Faulkners, Fortune and Flames, 1984

Windrow, John Edwin (1899 -1984) 
Dr. John Windrow was born in Eagleville in 1899. He attended Middle Tennessee State Normal before he became a student a Peabody College in 1923. His association with Dr. Leland Crabb began when Dr. Crabb piloted Dr. Windrow through his Ph.D. program. Dr. Windrow held many positions at Peabody during his fifty-five year association with that school, including director of the Peabody Demonstration School, editor of The Peabody Reflector, managing editor of the Peabody Journal of Education, and college archivist and historian. For many years he and Dr. Crabb worked together and shared a suite of offices. He and his wife, the former Elizabeth Grigsby, are buried in the Triune Cemetery, and his obituary states that he was at one time a resident of Franklin.
  • Peabody and Alfred Leland Crabb: the Story of Peabody as Reflected in Selected Writings of Alfred Leland Crabb (editor), 1977
  • John Berrien Lindsey: Educator, Physician, Social Philosopher, 1938
  • Life and Works of John Berrien Lindsey, 1937
  • Collins D. Elliott and the Nashville Female Academy, 1935

Wolfe, Bill 
Bill Wolfe has been director of radio ministries for United Methodist Communications in Nashville and the executive producer/director for the daily "Passages" radio program. He is a native of Bristol and received his B.A. degree from King's College and his master of Christian education degree from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. Wolfe has produced numerous films and videotapes, as well as radio and television spots and programs. He has directed projects for the United Methodist Board of Discipleship and was responsible for customizing film programs for local churches and regional groups throughout the country. Wolfe has written many articles and pamphlets in the areas of broadcasting, youth ministry, and recreation. He was selected for the first Who's Who in Religion (1975), as well as the 1992 edition and the 1998–99 edition of Who's Who in Media and Communications. He has lived in Williamson County since 1971.
  • Inviting Youth, 1988
  • The Yearbook: Untold Stories (with co-author Janita Williams), 1983
  • Leader's Guide for The Yearbook (with co-author Martha Wolfe), 1983
  • The Basic Encyclopedia for Youth Ministry (with Dennis Benson), 1981
  • Music You Wear, 1975

Womack, Steven
This Nashville native has been a lifetime writer. When an undergraduate at Tulane University, he had an unpublished novel accepted as his honors thesis. He has written screenplays and mysteries and contributes essays and short stories to various venues. Womack has been active in writers' organizations, speaking frequently on writers' panels and at book fairs. He has taught screen writing at Watkins Film School and has often been guest instructor for writers' or screenwriters' workshops. For several years, he led a writers' workshop at the Tennessee State Prison. He came to Franklin in 2002.
  • The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (with Stephen Hines), 2001
  • Dirty Money, 2000
  • Murder Manual, 1998
  • Chain of Fools,1996
  • Way Past Dead, 1995
  • Torch Town Boogie, 1993
  • Dead Folks Blues, 1993
  • The Software Bomb, 1993
  • Smash Cut, 1991
  • Murphy's Fault, 1990

Worley, Karla (1956 - ) 
Influences on Karla Worley's childhood in Dallas, Texas, led directly to the talents she uses as an adult. Her father and grandfather were Southern Baptist ministers; her mother was a costume designer for several Dallas theater companies. In elementary school Karla began writing poetry and songs and staging her own private plays. At Baylor University she majored in Musical Theater and English. As an adult and wife of a minister, she has combined her interests in God, music, and theater to produce many works for her church and the public at large. She writes songs, dramatic productions, and books. She has received three Dove Awards for songwriting from the Gospel Music Association.
  • Traveling Together: Women, Friendship, and the Journey of Faith, 2003
  • Growing Weary Doing Good: Encouragement for Exhausted Women, 2001, rev. 2003
  • Glimpses of Christ in Everyday Lives, 1998
  • When the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit (with Claire Coninger), 1992, updated 2003

Wyatt, Margaret Early (1903 - deceased) 
Margaret Early Wyatt was born in Nashville, three and one-half miles from the city square. In 1927 she married Hubert Wyatt, and for many years the couple raised trotting horses and lived in Wyatt Hall, an antebellum home north of Franklin. In 1992 she published her autobiography in a limited edition.
  • Nothing Happens by Chance: Reflections, 1992

Wysocky, Lisa
Energetic and full of interests, Lisa Wysocky chose horse training as her first profession. Twice she has made her home in Fairview. When an injury stopped her successful career, she turned to writing. After several years in journalism, she opened her own public relations firm which attracts clients from a wide variety of activities from music and medicine to thoroughbreds and non-profit organizations. Even so, she has taken time to write. She has become a regular featured guest on Jones Radio Networks syndicated overnight show and authored a celebrity lifestyles column for Ag Features.
  • Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave, 2015
  • From Slave to Citizen: The Shyima Hall Story, 2014
  • Therapy Horse Selection: A My Horse, My Partner Book, 2014
  • Walking on Eggshells, 2014
  • The Magnum Equation: A Cat Enright Equestrian Mystery, 2013
  • Horseback: A Memoir of My Early Life With Horses, 2012
  • Two Foot Fred: How My Life Has Come Full Circle, 2012
  • The Opium Equation; A Cat Enright Mystery, 2011
  • Success Talks: 101 Positive Things To Tell Yourself , 2019
  • Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had, 2008
  • Horse Country: A Celebration of Country Music and the Love of Horses, 2008
  • My Horse, My Partner: Teamwork on the Ground, 2007
  • Success Within: How to Create the Greatest Moments of Your Life, 2005
  • The Power of Horses, 2002
  • The Opium Equation, 2002

— Y —

Yates, W. C. (1903-1992) 
W. C. Yates was born and lived all his life in Williamson County. He joined the faculty of Franklin High School in 1925 as science teacher and coach and later served as principal and teacher of vocational agriculture. From 1960 to 1968, he served as superintendent of the county school system. He also served 15 years as director of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce. In 1991 he published Tales of a Tennessee Yeoman, a compilation of local history and autobiography. Yates was also a poet and published two books of verse.

  • Tales of a Tennessee Yeoman, 1991
  • Old Time Soliloquy
  • Dark and Foggy Night

Youmans, John Barlow (1893-1979) 
An active physician, teacher, researcher, and author, John Youmans went to the University of Wisconsin and received an M.D. at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 1927, he went to Vanderbilt University as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. During World War II, he served as the Head of the Armed Forces Nutritional Services in the Office of the Surgeon General, a position which led him to conduct nutritional surveys worldwide in such places as China, Iran, Europe, Korea, and also Middle Tennessee. In some of these surveys, he was a co-author with Williamson County's William Darby. In 1950, Youmans became Dean of Vanderbilt Medical School.  The Youmans family lived at Travelers Rest until after World War II. Dr. Youmans was a great horseman and foxhunter. After the war, he moved to a farm on Old Natchez Trace where he lived and kept his horses for many years.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies, Diagnosis and Treatment (assisted by E. White Patton), 1941, 1943, Spanish edition 1943
  • Essentials of the Diagnostic Examination, 1940

Young, William E.
William E. Young was born in Georgia and earned a B.A. degree from Mercer University and an M.R.E. degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. He served as adjunct professor at Golden Gate Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Until his retirement in 1992, he worked with the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as church business consultant, director of field services in administration, and manager of the Preschool and Children's Section, Discipleship Training Program. He also served as president of the Southern Baptist Religious Education Association. Young was given an Excellence in Ministry to Children award and elected to the board of directors of the International Network of Children's Ministry in 1994.

  • Heroes of Missions, 1993
  • Training Brotherhood Leaders:  A Manual for Conducting Brotherhood Leadership Conferences, 1987
  • Jesus, Lord and Saviour, 1984
  • Developing Your Children's Church Training Program, 1977
  • Moses: God's Helper, 1976
  • The Effective Church User, 1972

— Z —

Zach, Cheryl Byrd 
Native Tennessean Cheryl Zach's experience in teaching led to her interest in writing about teenage issues, a subject that has given her great success. She lived in several states and Europe before returning to live in Williamson County. Over the years, her subject matter expanded from the Young Adult category to include children's books and non-fiction. She has received numerous awards for her works, and some of her books have been translated into several languages. Zach has been a member of several writers' organizations, as well as being the Regional Advisor Chairperson for all national regions of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She has spoken and written extensively on writing for children. In recent years she and her daughter Michelle Place have collaborated on several romances.

  • Widow in Scarlet, 2003
  • Lady in Waiting, 2002
  • Shadow Self, 2000
  • Silent Tears, 1999
  • Secret Admirer, 1999
  • Carrie's Gold, 1997

Mind Over Matter, a series:

  • The Mummy's Footsteps, 1997
  • Phantom of the Roxy, 1997
  • Curse of the Idol's Eye, 1997
  • The Gypsy's Warning, 1997
  • Family Secrets (Dear Diary series), 1996
  • Kissing Caroline, 1996

Southern Angels series:

  • Hearts Divided, 1995
  • Winds of Betrayal, 1995
  • A Dream of Freedom, 1995
  • Runaway (Dear Diary series), 1995 
  • Here Comes the Martian Mushroom, 1994
  • Paradise, 1994
  • Looking Out for Lacey, 1992
  • Benny and the No-Good Teacher, 1992
  • Benny and the Crazy Contest, 1991
  • Los Angeles, 1989

Smith vs. Smith series:

  • Oh Brother, 1988
  • Stealing the Scene, 1988
  • Tug of War, 1988
  • More Than Friends, 1989
  • Surprise, Surprise, 1989
  • Waiting for Amanda, 1985
  • Fortune's Child, 1985
  • The Frog Princess, 1984
  • Twice a Fool, 1984

As Jennifer Cole: Sisters series:

  • Three's a Crowd, 1986
  • Star Quality, 1987
  • Too Many Cooks, 1987
  • Mollie in Love, 1987

As Jamie Suzanne: Sweet Valley Twins series:

  • Second Best, 1988
  • The Class Trip, 1988
  • Left Behind, 1988
  • Jessica, the Rock Star, 1989
  • The Christmas Ghost, 1989

As Nicole Byrd (pen name of Cheryl Zach and Michelle Place:

  • Beauty in Black, 2004
  • Widow in Scarlet, 2003
  • Lady in Waiting, 2002
  • Dear Impostor, 2001
  • Robert's Lady, 2000
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