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J E AND There's a House Inside My Mommy
J E ANH Sophie and the New Baby
J E BAL I Used to Be the Baby
J E BER The Berenstain Bears' New Baby
J E BON Just Like a Baby
J E BOU Franklin and the Baby
J E BRI Loud Larry
J E BRO What the No-Good Baby is Good For
J E CIV The New Baby
J E COL I'm a Big Brother (Easy & Board Book)
J E COL I'm a Big Sister (Easy & Board Book)
J E COR Will There Be a Lap for Me?
J E DAN Barfburger Baby, I Was Here First!
J E DEP The Baby Sister
J E DYE Little Brown Bear and the Bundle of Joy
J E ENG The Baby on the Way
J E FAR What's He Doing Now?
J E GRI Welcome Precious (Easy & Board Book)
J E HEN Newborn
J E HEN Julius, the Baby of the World
J E HEN Angel Coming
J E HOB A Baby Sister for Frances
J E HOL Angelina's Baby Sister
J E JEN That New Animal
J E KIN A Baby Sister for Herry
J E LEN The Other Dog
J E MAC Princess Penelope Takes Charge
J E MAY The New Baby
J E MIL Love That Baby
J E RIE Super Sam!
J E ROC Now We Have a Baby
J E SEA Baby on the Way
J E SEA What Baby Needs
J E SHI Welcome to Your World, Baby
J E SIM Daisy and the Egg
J E STO A Friend for Minerva Louise
J E SYK Little Tiger's Big Surprise
J E WIG Baby Brother
J E CAP Biscuit and the Baby (Reader)
J E KUE Our New Baby (Reader)
J E PAC The New Baby (Reader)
J 155.423 COL The New Baby at Your House
J 305.232 HEL Let's Talk About Having a New Brother or Sister
J 306.8 ROG The New Baby
J 618.4 ROS Mommy's in the Hospital Having a Baby
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