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Log in to your account before searching the catalog.

How do I save a list of selected titles?

  1. Search the catalog
  2. image of search results screen

  3. Save selected titles by clicking in the box to left of title.
  4. image marked titles

  5. Click save marked records button

How do I save all titles?

  1. Search the catalog.

  2. Click save marked records button.

  3. Click view saved button.
example save my search screen

How do I a list of saved titles?

  1. Click save my lists button.

  2. Click view saved button button.

  3. Log in to your library account.

  4. name list optionThe "Save Records in Bookcart to a List" screen opens.

  5. Click the down arrow.

  6. Click "create a new list."

  7. example name listName the list.

  8. Click submit button.

  9. Click clear saved records button.

  10. The "Select a list box" only displays when logged in to your account.
  11. image save list

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