Rate Books

My Library Account - Classic Catalog
Rate items in the catalog.

Log in to your account before searching the catalog.

How do I rate a book in the catalog?

  1. Login to your library account.

  2. Search the catalog.

  3. Rate books in the catalog.

  4. If the search retrieves a list of records, click on the title's link

  5. Rate books in the catalog.

  6. Click on a star, first star on the left is lowest, fifth star on the right is the highest. The stars turn blue once rated.

  7. Image book record with rating.

  8. Roll mouse over the stars to reveal the average rating and the number of times the title is rated.

How do I review or change my book ratings?

  1. Login to your library account.

  2. Click my ratings button button.

  3. image saved search

  4. From the My Ratings screen you may:

    • Remove the rating by clicking in the box to the left of the title, then click delete marked button.

    • Change the rating by clicking on a different star.

    • Click Update list button

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