Graphic Novels


J 910.4 SMA The Adventures of Marco Polo
J 741.5 PIL The adventures of Ook and Gluk : Kung-fu cavemen from the future
JF MOS The All-new Amelia and other titles in the series
J 741.5 GOW Amelia Rules series
J 741.5 HOL Baby Mouse series
J 741.5973 TEL Babysitters Club series
J 973.3115 DOE The Boston Tea Party
J 741.5 AVI City of Light, City of Dark
J 741.5 FOR The Creation of Captain America
J 741.5 EIS The creation of Iron Man
J 741.5 KUP The creation of spider-man
J 741.4 FEI The creation of the Fantastic Four
J 741.5 FEI The creation of the Incredible Hulk
J 932.014 BUR The Curse of King Tut's Tomb
J 741.5 FIS Garfield 
741.5 STI Geronimo Stilton series
J 741.5 LOB The Hardy Boys series
973.7 MAR Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
J 741.5 KRO Lunch Lady series
J 741.5 MACC Mal and Chad series
J 741.5 PET Nancy Drew series
J 741.5 RUN Owly series
J 741.5952 IHA Pokemon
J 741.5 MIZ and J 741.5 WES Pokemon series
J 133.43 MAR The Salem Witch Trials
J 910 DOE The Sinking of the Titanic
J 741.5 various authors Spiderman 
J 741.5 HOL Squish series
J 741.5 STA Star wars, clone wars adventures. Vol. 1.
J 741.5973 STA Star wars, clone wars. Volume 1, The defense of Kamino and other tales
741.5973 WIL Tales from Shakespeare: Seven Plays
J 741.5 HER Tintin series
J 741.5 GRA X-Men 
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