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These instructions walk you through downloading audiobooks to your computer and then transferring them to a portable device, such as an MP3 player. 

To download audiobooks to your smart phone or tablet, you will have to download a free app, Overdrive Media Console, to your device.  You will access R.E.A.D.S. and download your titles directly to your device through the Overdrive app.  Overdrive app instructions are available at the Williamson County Public Library reference desk or on the library’s homepage (go to wcpltn.org and then click on the brown eBooks button).


You must first download Overdrive Media Console software to your computer.  Click on this link (Overdrive Media Console) or go to http://app.overdrive.com/ and scroll down to the bottom of the screen for options to download the software to a Mac, Windows Desktop, or Windows 8.


Go to http://reads.lib.overdrive.com and sign in to your R.E.A.D.S. account. 

Type WILLIAMSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY or the name of your branch (BETHESDA, COLLEGE GROVE, FAIRVIEW, LEIPER'S FORK or NOLENSVILLE) into the box and press ENTER or CLICK on your library's name when it appears.


Click on ACCOUNT.  Your account opens to your BOOKSHELF.  Links to your HOLDS, LISTS, and SETTINGS are on the right side of the screen. Your BOOKSHELF shows all the books you have checked out.

Click on the SETTINGS icon   to change your default lending period from 7 days to 21 days. 


Select the MENU icon in the top right corner of the screen. A lighter blue menu will drop down with categories for you to browse.

You can also click on ADVANCED SEARCH, which will let you search by TITLE, AUTHOR, KEYWORD and FORMAT.

Audiobooks have a headphone icon in the upper right corner.

Click on a BOOK TITLE to get more information about the book.


To borrow an audiobook that is available, click on the book cover and then click BORROW.  The audiobook will now appear on your BOOKSHELF.  You can select the ACCOUNT icon to view your bookshelf.

If the title is only available in the MP3 format, just click DOWNLOAD.  If the title is available in both MP3 and WMA formats, you will be prompted to select which format to download. [Note: WMA does not work for Kindle or Apple products, so choose the MP3 format for those devices.]


Once you’ve clicked DOWNLOAD, the Overdrive window will open.  At this point, you can listen to the audiobook on your computer.  But if you want to listen to it on your portable device, you must transfer it from your computer to your device.

In the Overdrive window, you will have to fill in the name of the folder on your computer where you want the audiobook file to be downloaded.  Then click OK.

The audiobook downloads in parts and each part has to be downloaded to your computer.  After the download is complete, you can transfer the book your portable device.  Click OK to begin downloading the parts.

Once all the parts are downloaded to your computer, you’ll be prompted to plug your device into your computer using a USB cable.  After you’ve plugged in your device, click the TRANSFER button on the Overdrive Media Console tool bar.  The Overdrive Media Console Transfer Wizard will open.

Click NEXT.

Click NEXT again to begin transferring the parts to your device. As with the downloading, each part has to be transferred before the complete audiobook is fully available on your portable device. 

You’ll get one last dialog box, stating that your transfer is complete.  Click FINISH.  You can now begin listening to your audiobook!

When the lending period for your audiobook has expired, it will automatically return to R.E.A.D.S., so there are no worries about fines or overdue books.  Please note that even though the audiobook has been returned to R.E.A.D.S., it will stay on your device.  You may need to delete it from your device when you are finished to make room for more books. 


Log into your R.E.A.D.S. account.  On your Bookshelf, select the “Renew” option next to the title you’d like to renew.  This option does not appear until three days before the title is supposed to expire.

If there is no existing hold on the title, the Renew icon will be green and you can renew the book immediately.  If there are existing holds, the icon will be grayed out, you will only be able to reserve a spot on the title’s hold list and borrow it again as soon as it’s available. 

If you can renew immediately, enter and confirm your email address and select the Renew button.

Title:      Delirium
Creator: Your Name
Format:  MP3 Audiobook


If the title you have selected is already checked out, you can be placed on the waiting list for that title.  You can also have your hold automatically borrowed for you when it becomes available.  Touch PLACE A HOLD. 

In the pop-up that opens, enter your email address and make sure that “Automatically borrow this title when it becomes available” is selected. Then click “Place a Hold.”

You can turn automatic borrowing on or off for any title you’ve placed on hold by visiting your Holds page and selecting the [Edit] link under “Auto checkout.”


When a title you have on hold becomes available or is automatically borrowed for you, you will receive an email.  You can then sign in to your R.E.A.D.S. account and go to your BOOKSHELF to download the title.

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