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Friends of the Williamson County Public Library

Jane Langston and Janice Keck Scholarships

The Jane Langston Continuing Education Fund was established April 3, 2003 by the Friends of the Williamson County Public Library to provide assistance to members of the staff of the Williamson County Public Library in attending continuing education seminars, professional association meetings, workshops and accredited college classes or degree programs.

The Friends Board earmarked $5,000 from their treasury to establish the Fund. Each year following the annual Friends Garden Tour or other fund raising events, the Friends Board will determine how much of the net proceeds will be earmarked for the Fund. Donations for the Fund will also be accepted from the public.

The Janice Keck Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 in honor of the Library system's former director. This scholarship also supports staff continuing education opportunities.

Annually, at their August meeting, the Friends' Board will designate the amount of monies allocated to the Fund for the next calendar period - September through August. The Friends Board may also periodically add to the allocation if applications and availability of monies so warrant. If all funding is not used in a calendar period,it will be rolled into the following year's funding allocation.

Library staff will be given notification that the Fund has been established along with criteria for applications for assistance. A Reminder of the availability of the Fund will be made periodically and at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast held each October. Requests for assistance in funding continuing education, seminars, professional associations' meetings and workshops, or accredited college classes or degree programs must be made in writing and sent to the Secretary of the Friends Board. Requests must include: a short paragraph about the seminar, meeting, or program of study; the amount of funding desired; how the funding will be used (i.e. registrations, travel, lodging); the date the funding is needed; and, how attendance at the event will benefit the applicant. A copy of the event's registration materials should also be included. Requests for assistance with accredited college classes or degree programs must include: a brief resume of the applicant; applicant's goal in taking the class(es); the expected cost of tuition; and, the timing for entering and completing the study.

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