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— I & J
Ingram, Bowen
Ingram, Mildred Rebecca Prewett
Irvin, Susie Sims

Jamieson, Shelley Palmer
Janosky, Jim
Jeffers, Chad
Jefferson, Virginia Carson
Jenkins, Barbara (Milom)
Jerkins, Terri Wood
Johnian, Mona
Johnson, Tiffini
Johnston, David Owen
Jones, David F.
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Madison
Jones, Timothy
Jordan, Jeff
Jordan, Jennifer
Judd, Naomi
Jules, Jacqueline
   see Hechtkopf, Jacqueline

Ingram, Bowen see Ingram, Mildred Rebecca Prewett

Ingram, Mildred Rebecca Prewett (1906-1980)
Mildred Rebecca Prewett Ingram wrote under the pen name Bowen Ingram. She was born in Gordonsville, a town named for her ancestor, John Gordon.  Always interested in writing, Ingram published her first poem at age 12. She married Daniel Taylor Ingram, Commandant of Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon, and began to write for publication after her three children reached school age. Five stories appeared in the New Yorker; one short story, "Death of a Slave," became the basis for her novel, Milbrey. Ingram spent the last several years of her life living on her daughter's farm in Williamson County, the place where she had lived with her sister in a log house.
  • Milbrey, 1972
  • If Passion Flies
  • Light as the Morning, 1954

Irvin, Susie Sims  (1927- )
Born and reared in Nashville, Susie Sims Irvin moved to Franklin after her marriage to Shearer Irvin. Many of her Franklin years were spent on a farm that is now part of the Fieldstone Farms subdivision. A graduate of Vanderbilt University where she studied with Fugitive poet Donald Davidson, she has twice been a participant of the Sewanee Writers' Conference and twice read at the Southern Festival of Books. Irvin served as the founder and first president of the Church Women United of Franklin and Williamson County and as the founder and chairman of Franklin Childcare CenterBoard. She has been a member of the Stoney Crest Garden Club and The Study Club of Nashville and often used her poems as part of their meetings. She developed into a poet/painter, having studied painting at UT Nashville, MTSU, the Vermont Studio school and the Stonington Maine Workshop. Irvin has been published in a number of poetry collections and periodicals and has won awards in several poetry contests. She is a member of First United Methodist Church in Franklin. In 2003 she was inducted into the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame.
  • Too Tall Alice, 2008
  • Clouds for the Table, 2001
  • Falls Even Now the Seed, 1993
  • SHHHH . . . It's Time for the Devotional, 1981, 1993

— I — — J —

Jamieson, Shelley Palmer (1939- )
Shelley Palmer Jamieson was born in Sheffield, Alabama, and spent her childhood in various communities, including Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and the towns of Blue Mountain, Slayden, Fulton, and Chalybeate in Northeast Mississippi. She resided in Brentwood, Tennessee for 29 years, and now resides in Franklin. Before retiring, she was a teacher, a school guidance counselor, and a social counselor. Her interest in writing got its start after her retirement, when she began recording family history to pass on to her descendants. She has had several published magazine articles. Shelley Palmer Jamieson

Janosky, Jim
A native of western Pennsylvania, Jim Janosky earned a B.S. in biology and an M.A. in horticulture. He worked as a horticultural extension agent in Erie County until the winters sent him to Florida. While living there from 1986 until 1991, he spent all his extra time exploring Lake Okeechobee with his camera and learning all he could about that area. The result is his book, a nonfiction photo essay. He began visiting Nashville in 1977 because of his interest in songwriting. In 1991 he moved to the Leipers Fork area and began teaching science and photography at Hillsboro Middle School, as well as pursuing his career as a singer/songwriter.
  • Okeechobee—A Modern Frontier, 1996

Jeffers, Chad (1975 - )
Chad has been on stage middle school, playing first with father's band at fairgrounds and small stages. He came to Belmont University in Nashville to major in marketing and music business. While a student, he worked in the music profession and after graduation, he became a full fledged music professional. He has written songs, organized his own band, toured nationally and more recently performed for the military in Afghanistan and Germany. Talented on several instruments, he has played with many prominent musicians. His book is a manual for those in the music industry.
  • 25 Notes for the Successful Musician, 2009
Chad Jeffers

Jefferson, Virginia Carson (1893-1993)
Born in 1893 in Coffee County, Virginia Carson Jefferson was the daughter of a country doctor. In 1922 she became the second University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Agent for Williamson County and remained in that position until 1944 when she married Bob Jefferson. After her retirement, she stayed in Williamson County, continuing to provide people with the details of the early days of the Agricultural Extension Agency. Her book of recollections was published in her ninety-ninth year of life.
  • Recollections of Virginia Carson Jefferson: A Childhood in Manchester Tennessee, Coffee County, 1993

Jenkins, Barbara (Milom)
Born in Doniphon, Missouri, Barbara Jenkins graduated from the College of the Ozarks with a degree in English. She worked her way through college as a photographer; since then her work has appeared in National Geographic, People, and other magazines. She appeared on several national television shows. Jenkins lived in Spring Hill for several years.
  • Wit and Wisdom for Women: How to Stay on Track in These Fast Times, 1996
  • I Once Knew a Woman: A Patchwork of Seven Unforgettable Americans, 1990
  • The Road Unseen (with Peter Jenkins), 1985
  • The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2 (with Peter Jenkins), 1981

Jerkins, Terri Wood (1956- )
Terri Jerkins grew up in the Madison area, but her family moved to Williamson County after the Rivergate development bought their family farm. She graduated from David Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis. Dr. Jerkins now practices endocrinology, specializing in diabetes, in Nashville. She, her pharmacist husband, their five children, and their horses live on a 220-acre farm in western Williamson County.
  • On Wings and Prayers, 2001
  • Searching for Paul: a Novel, 2000
  • Going Forward, Looking Back, 1995

Johnian, Mona (1938 - )
Mona Johnian and her husband, Paul, have used many forms of art to express their inspirational ideas---music, painting, writing, drama, print making, and combinations of these. Growing up in Alabama, Mona was interested in writing by sixth grade; in her early twenties, she discovered her talent as a painter. When she and her violinist husband began traveling on concert tours for the military, painting became more difficult; she turned once again to writing. For thirty-five years she wrote songs and books while making frequent journeys through Europe and Asia. With her husband she also pastored a church in Boston.

In 1998 they founded a nonprofit professional drama company, The Millennium Music Center, which presents stage productions on Christian values. They moved the company to Nashville and lived in Franklin where she began painting once again. Her books have been published in as many as eight languages. She has published eighteen songbooks of original music and has had songs top the charts. Her productions for stage and television have been viewed in Boston and Nashville as well as on satellite television. She is a multi-media talent.
  • Star Codes, 2009
  • The World Stage is Set for the Battle, 2007
  • Worship, 1997
  • Dancing in the Glory, 1996
  • The Bargaining for Israel, 1996
  • Countdown to the Millennium, 1995
  • Revival 2000, 1995
  • The Fresh Anointing, 1994
  • Renewing Your Mind, 1994
  • God's Message to the Nations, 1994
  • The Godly Fragrance, 1993
  • The Great Fire Tongue, 1992
  • Life in the Millennium, 1992, revised with study guide, 1995
  • Raising the Standard of Morality, 1991
  • The Voice of God, 1991
  • The Light, 1985
  • Don't Stop with the Miracle, 1984
  • The Piper's Pipe, 1976
  • Five Words That Can Change Your LIfe, 1976
  • The Cattle on a Thousand Hills, 1975, reprinted 2008
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 1976
  • The Call to Mt. Moriah, 1975
Mona Johnian

Johnson, Tiffini
Once upon a time, a little blue-eyed, blonde haired girl was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her formulative years were spent traveling across the United States and Canada with her family; she and her younger sister would often aruge about who got to sit in the front seat of the car! As a child, Tiffini was complacent, obedient, observant—and a budding writer! She doesn’t even remember writing “Sweet Shelby,” her first story but by age 9 was reading her stories out loud to classmates during circle time. By the time she would graduate high school, Tiffini had written over 100 short stoies and novels, covering topics like the Holocaust and the Orphan Train. All of her books at that time were hand-written; the longest was 2,243 pages! Today, Tiffini is a motivational speaker and author of seven published books, most of which deal with abuse in some format. She uses her own traumatic past as a bridge to helping others realize they are not alone and that God will hold their hand just as He held hers. She is a mother who delights in immersing herself in a wonderland of imaginative games like Elephant in the Jungle, Picasso Days and tea parties. She is a volunteer who works with children in church and in schools. She is a chocolate-lover and could play in a creek bed all day. She is an insomniac who writes late at night while consuming plenty of Dr. Peppers! She is a dreamer, an optimist and a storyteller who believes the best stories are the ones we create with our families.
  • Dance For Me, 2013
  • Sing Me Home, 2013
  • Broken, 2013
  • Holding Home, 2012
  • Forget Me Not, 2011
  • The Character, 2010
  • Me, 2009
  • Mountains of Hope, 2009

Johnston, David Owen (1930- )
David O. Johnston was born in Williamson County. He attended Franklin schools, Peabody College, MTSU, the University of Mississippi, and Vanderbilt University, where he did post-doctoral research in chemistry. Johnston taught chemistry at Franklin High School and at David Lipscomb University, where he was Justin Potter Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, retiring in 1990.
  • World of Chemistry (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1991
  • World of Chemistry Essentials (with Melvin D. Josten et al.), 1991
  • Laboratory Manual, World of Chemistry (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1991
  • Chemistry: Impact on Society (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1988
  • Chemistry and Society (with Melvin D. Josten et al.), 1986
  • La Chemica E L'Vomo (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1983
  • Chemistry and the Environment (with John T. Netterville et al.), 1973
  • Laboratory Manual for Chemistry, Man, and Society (with Mark M. Jones, et al.), 1972
  • Chemistry, Man, and Society (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1972
  • Quimica (with John W. Dawson et al.), 1971
  • Laboratory Manual for Chemistry: A Brief Introduction (with James L. Wood et al.), 1970
  • Chemistry: A Brief Introduction (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1969
David Owen Johnston

Jones, David F. (1955 - )
David Jones writes a practical book, reflecting the life he lives. Born and raised in Portland, Tennessee, he earned a degree in business at the University of Tennessee. After receiving an M.B.A. at the University of Houston, he worked for thirty years in Human Resources and Operations Management with a major energy company. Writing a book was always a goal. The opportunity arose when he lost his job and realized that his experience "would be helpful to others who lose jobs and struggle trying to make life and career decisions".
  • Surviving and Thriving After Losing Your Job: How This Could Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You, 2009
David F. Jones

Jones, Nancy
Nancy Jones grew up and worked in Louisiana until a chance encounter led her to spend an evening with the famed country music singer George Jones, whom she married. Since then she has lived in various parts of the south as his work dictated. Now in Williamson County, she collaborated with Jones' biographer to let the wives of the great country singers speak in their own voices.
  • Nashville Wives  (co-author Tom Carter), 1998

Jones, Madison  (1925- )
Although he grew up in Nashville, Madison Jones spent part of his youth on his father's farm, first in Cheatham County and then on the Harpeth Valley Farm on Hillsboro Road in Williamson County. These early experiences are evident in his novels. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and taught at Miami of Ohio, the University of Tennessee, and Auburn University. His most famous novel, A Cry of Absence, was set in Franklin, and one of his novels, An Exile, was made into the movie I Walk the Line starring Gregory Peck.  Jones' work won serious critical acclaim. The Williamson County Arts Council inducted Jones into its Authors' Hall of Fame in 1995.
  • Herod's Wife, 2003
  • Nashville 1864: The Dying of the Light, 1997
  • To the Winds, 1996
  • An Exile, 1991
  • Last Things, 1989
  • Buried Land, 1987
  • Season of the Strangler, 1982
  • Passage Through Gehenna, 1978
  • A Cry of Absence, 1971
  • Forest of the Night, 1960
  • History of the Tennessee State Dental Association  (with Thomas Dow), 1958
  • The Innocent, 1957
Madison Jones

Jones, Timothy (1955- )
By combining the worlds of religion, editing, and writing, Timothy Jones has found a variety of ways to fulfill his love for communicating, conveying insight, and moving people. His youth was spent in Phoenix, Arizona, and southern California where he earned a B.A. in religion at Pepperdine University. He followed this interest with a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and the School of Theology at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. He has been an associate editor for the magazine Christianity Today. Timothy has edited and compiled a collection of Henri Nouwen's writings in Turn My Mourning into Dancing. He led a campus ministry at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro before becoming senior associate priest at St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennessee. He has an active blog entitled "Life Changing Prayer." His books reflect his experience and interest.
  • Turn my Mourning into Dancing by Henri Nouwen (compiler and editor), 2001
  • Prayer's Apprentice: a Year with the Great Spiritual Mentors, 2000
  • A Place for God, 2000
  • The Next American Spirituality (with George Gallup), 2000
  • Nurturing a Child's Soul, 2000
  • Workday Prayers, 2000
  • Awake My Soul: Practical Spirituality for Busy People, 1999
  • Spiritual Formation Bible: Growing in Intimacy with God Through Scripture  (general editor), 1999
  • 21 Days to a Better Quiet Time with God, 1998
  • Finding a Spiritual Friend, 1998
  • The Art of Prayer, 1997
  • Celebration of Angels, 1994
  • Friendship Connection, 1993
  • Saints Among Us (with George Gallup, Jr.), 1992
  • Mentor and Friend, 1991

Jordan, Jeff
Jeff Jordan is a native of Williamson County and a graduate of the University of Tennessee. For several years, he taught English and psychology at Franklin High School where he coached the wrestling team. Married and the father of three children, Jordan turned to farming, writing, and coaching high school wrestling in Palmyra, Tennessee. 
  • Beyond the Rainbow, 1993

Jordan, Jennifer (1962 - )
Dr. Jennifer Jordan was born and grew up in Natchez, Mississippi. She now resides in Fairview, Tennessee. Her medical school training has allowed her to express compassion for children who grow up without their biological fathers playing a role in their lives. She became interested in writing after she experienced the death of the man she called "Daddy" for so many years. She says Fairview provided the peace and serenity needed to write her book.
  • A Father's Gift, 2008
Dr. Jennifer Jordan

Judd, Naomi
Naomi Judd was born in Ashland, Kentucky, the daughter of a gas station owner and riverboat cook. She and her two daughters moved first to Hollywood, then to Williamson County, where she became a nurse at the Williamson County Medical Center. While working as a nurse, Judd tried to make it in the music industry, achieving success in 1984 when she and daughter Wynonna began a career as a country music duo. All of their albums went platinum, and the Judds won eight Grammy Awards. Judd's other daughter, Ashley, is a well-known movie actress. All three of them have lived on farms in Williamson County.
  • The transparent life : 30 proven ways to live your best, 2005
  • Naomi's Breakthrough Guide: 20 Choices to Transform Your Life, 2004
  • Naomi Judd's Guardian Angels, 2000
  • Love Can Build a Bridge (with Wynonna Judd and Bud Schaitzle), 1994
  • Naomi's Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought, and Kitchen Wit and Wisdom, 1997

Jules, Jacqueline see Hechtkopf, Jacqueline
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