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MacGregor, Kinley
   see Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Maddox, Sarah O.
Mahand, Melinda
Malone, Jean M.
Manley, Ginger T.
March, Kathy
Marshall, Park
Mason, Patty
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
May, Bo
May, Dorna McDonald
Mayer, Margery
McAlindon, Harold R.
McCall, Jack H.
McCauley, Mary Bradley
McCollum, Chris
McCullough, Edward P.
McGeachy, Pat
McGee, Caroline
McGee, Norman and Kay
McGraw, Marjie
McGregor, Jim
McInerney, Jay
McKaskie, Hayden M.
McKelvey, Douglas Kaine
McKinnon, K. C.
   see Pelletier, Cathy
McLellan, Elaine Hansen
McMurray, William J.
Meaders, Jim
Miller, Dan
Miller, Nancy Amelia Greer
Mitchamore, Pat
Monk, Donny
Moody, Susan Sims
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Rodney J.
Moorehead, Cleatus
Morgan, Marshall
Morris, Shelly Gail
Moses, Timothy J.
Mosley, Ernest E.
Mudigonda, Ashwin

MacGregor, Kinley see Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Maddox, Sarah O. (1938 - )  

The daughter of a Baptist minister, Sarah Maddox was born in Kentucky but grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi College in Clinton. While teaching junior high English and piano in Memphis, she met her husband, Roland Maddox. They have two children and three grandchildren. In 1992, they moved to Brentwood. Sarah has been a Women's Ministry consultant who has spoken at Christian women's retreats and conferences throughout the United States. She has contributed magazine articles to Christian publications and had a devotional published in a devotional book for women.

  • A Woman's Garden of Prayer: Cultivating Intimacy with God Through Prayer (with Patricia F. Webb), 2002
  • A Mother's Garden of Prayer: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer for Your Children (with Patricia F. Webb), 1999

Mahand, Melinda


A Nashville native, Melinda Mahand sold her first freelance production to the Baptist Sunday School Board when she was 16. After majoring in education and meeting her husband, David, at Oklahoma Baptist University, she continued to freelance for the Sunday School Board. She has designed courses on writing for denominational publications, as well as Bible study courses.

  • More Teacher Take-Out for Preschoolers, 1997
  • Teacher Take-Out for Preschoolers, 1997
  • Love, Laughter and Learning, 1997
  • Teach-o-graph: The Birth of Jesus, 1996
  • The Easter Story, 1996
  • Helping and Encouraging Others, 1996
  • The Ministry of Jesus, 1996

Malone, Jean M. (1983 - )


Jean Malone has lived in Williamson County from the age of twelve. She places much of her fiction in Middle Tennessee. She majored in screenwriting and creative writing at the University of Miami, receiving a degree in Communications. Jean then returned to Franklin, worked at the Williamson county Public Library and for Ingram Books with the intention of being a librarian. In traditional literary fashion, she started to write because she loved to read. She combines several interests in her writings about animals and birds as well as events within the Christian tradition.

  • No Room at the Inn: the Story of the Nativity, 2009
  • Flamingos, 2009
Manley, Ginger T.

Ginger Manley is a nurse psychotherapist and sex therapist who has over thirty years experience practicing and teaching in the field of sexual health. She presently is an Associate in the Department of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical School. Ms. Manley is board certifed as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Diplomate of Sex Therapy. Since 2009, she has written a monthly question and answer column, "Assisted Loving", focused on the sexual concerns of older people.

  • Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey, 2015
  • Assisted Loving: The Journey Through Sexuality and Aging, 2013
  • Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection: An Anthology of the Nurse's Apron Partnership, 2009
Author Ginger Manley

March, Kathy (1952 - )


Kathy enjoyed writing from her childhood growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She wrote fiction in grade school, was a journalist in high school; at Wells College in New York she appreciated a "writing-focused curriculum." Kathy graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in counseling. She was first a high school counselor then began her own educational and career counseling firm. She has also been involved in church ministries for most of her adult life. With two fellow new grandmothers, she developed her book.

  • My Grandmother Is Praying for Me, 2009, with Pamela Ferriss and Susan Kelton

Marshall, Park (1855–1946)

Park Marshall was the only man to serve as mayor of both Nashville and Franklin.  Born and reared in Franklin, he was the great-grandson of two Revolutionary War soldiers. In his later years, he vividly remembered the Battle of Franklin, which took place when he was nine. He became a practicing attorney, entered politics, and was elected to the state legislature and state senate. He was also secretary to U.S. Senator William B. Bate and executive clerk of the U.S. Senate. With the exception of two years, he served continuously as mayor of Franklin from 1918 through 1939.

  • History of Williamson County and Franklin, Tennessee, 1917
  • A Life of William B. Bate, Citizen, Soldier, and Statesman, 1908
Park Marshall

Mason, Patty (1960 - )

Patty Mason was born in Wilmington, Delaware; she now lives in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee after living in several locations on the East coast and in the Midwest. She is an award-winning author, speaker, Bible teacher and the founder of Liberty in Christ Ministries. For many years she has been inspiring women of all ages through her writings and her talks. Patty has reached women all over the world through Sisters on Assignment, Christian.tv, CWebTV, Light Source, and WLGT Blog Radio Live.

She is a wife and mother in love with Jesus. Everything she writes is a direct result of her love for Jesus. Her mission is to teach others how to know Him in a richer, more intimate way.

  • Experiencing Joy: Strategies for Living a Joy Filled Life, 2012
  • Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression Without Drugs, 2011
  • Transformed by Desire: A Journey of Awakening to Life and Love, 2010
  • Transformed by Desire Bible Study, 2010
Patty Mason

Maury, Matthew Fontaine (1806-1873)

Matthew F. Maury was born near Fredericksburg, Virginia, but moved with his family to Williamson County as a boy. Most of his childhood was spent near Franklin, where he discovered the joys of mathematics. He entered the U.S. Navy in 1825 and became the navy's foremost meteorologist and oceanographer. Maury was the first American to chart the oceans scientifically, and in the 1850s, he aided in laying the Atlantic Cable. He resigned from the U.S. Navy to enter the services of the Confederacy, becoming commander of all coast, harbor, and river defenses. After being pardoned in 1868, he returned home, and later served as a professor of meteorology at Virginia Military Institute. His works on geography were used long after his death and his pilot charts of winds and currents were translated into French and also used by the British Board of Trade.

  • Papers of Matthew Fontaine Maury, 1825-1960
  • Maury's New Elements of Geography for Primary and Intermediate Classes, 1907, 1908, 1921
  • Elementary Geography: Designed for Primary and Intermediate Classes. Revised and Abridged from the "First Lessons" and "World We Live In" of M.F. Maury, 1881, 1921
  • Address of Com. M.F. Maury, before the Fair of the Agricultural & Mechanical Soc. Of Memphis, Tenn., 1971
  • A Physical Survey of Virginia: Her Geographical Position, Its Commercial Advantages and National Importance, 1869
  • Captain Maury's Letter on American Affairs, 1861
  • The Physical Geography of the Sea and Its Meteorology, 1861, (edited by John Leighly), 1963
  • (Maury's) Wind and Current Charts: Gales in the Atlantic, 1857
  • Observations to Determine the Solar Parallax (with James Melville Gilliss), 1856
  • The Physical Geography of the Sea, 1856, 1859
  • Amazon, and the Atlantic Slopes of South America, 1853
  • Explanations and Sailing Directions to Accompany the Wind and Current Charts, 1851, 1854, 1855
  • Lieut. Maury's Investigations of the Winds and Currents of the Sea, 1851
  • On the Probable Relation between Magnetism and the Circulation of the Atmosphere, 1851
Matthew Fontaine Maury

May, Bo (1944 - )

Bo May spent his youth in Tallahassee, Florida, his birthplace, and in Athens, Georgia. He studied philosophy at the University of Georgia and film at the University of Southern California. May worked for Universal Studios for two years and finally moved to Tennessee, where he films commercials. He has been a musician (saxophone and clarinet), poet, horseman, and screenwriter. Several of his screenplays have appeared on television.

  • The Passion of Belle Rio, 2003

May, Dorna McDonald (1943 - )

Dorna May grew up on the McDonald Farm on Murray Lane, where her father raised thoroughbred horses. May has received both a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia. She also attended Vanderbilt University, the University of Colorado, and the Harris School in Arezzo, Italy. A serious painter all of her adult life, May has worked as an illustrator and art director for print, film, and television. May has had one-woman shows in Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, California, Indiana and Georgia, and her paintings are included in private collections across the country. In various periods of her adult life, she returned to live and paint on the Murray Lane farm and then moved to a remote place in Hickman County.

  • The Turtle, 2003

Mayer, Margery (1923 - )

Three years after the close of World War II, Margery, then twenty-five years old, went to Japan to live in Nagasaki, second city to be destroyed by an atomic bomb. She committed to teaching for three years in a girls’ school as part of the “Fellowship of Reconstruction,” a group of fifty youth under age twenty-five recruited by the Methodist Church, responding to an appeal from Japanese church leaders. The premise was that young people could best talk to the Japanese youth trying to rebuild not only their physical lives, but also their whole construct of beliefs.

This experience led Margery to a total of twenty-four years of work in Japan, as well as,  administrative positions in Asia for the Asian division of several educational and global organizations. In order to share those post-war years with family and friends, she used her memories, journals and letters she had written, to reconstruct the story of that time in history.

  • Repairers of the Breach: Memoirs of a Missionary, Nagasaki, 1948-1951, 2009

McAlindon, Harold R.

A native of Bay City, Michigan, Harold McAlindon's experience includes serving as vice president and part of the strategic planning team of HCA during its years of greatest growth. He also served as director, vice-president or CEO of several other health, finance, or business management institutions. He has received national awards for his work and has been named one of the top management speakers in America. His books have sold over four million copies, and his articles have appeared in many respected publications. He lives in Brentwood.

  • The Little Book of Big Ideas, 1999

Parlay International:

  • The Power of Innovation, 1994
  • Innovating Quality, 1994
  • Innovating Customer Satisfaction, 1994

Pocket Courses for Executives:

  • Innovation, 1994
  • Leadership, 1994
  • Goal Setting, 1994
  • Teamwork, 1994
  • Creative Thinking, 1994

Great Idea Books:

  • Attitudes for Success, 1994
  • Innovation and Creativity, 1994
  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction, 1994
  • The Brain Bank: Idea Capturing System, 1994
  • Management Magic, 1991


  • Think, 1988
  • Quality, 1988
  • Customer Care, 1988
  • Innovation and Creativity, 1988

McCall, Jack H. (1961 - )

Jack McCall spent his childhood and youth in Franklin and was educated at Battle Ground Academy and Vanderbilt University. He entered the army for several varied years of military service after which he attended the University of Tennessee College of Law. Since 1994 he has simultaneously practiced law in Knoxville; written articles on legal, international, and military topics; taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee College of Law; and engaged in public service projects. McCall has won several awards for his writing and his public service. His book is an account of his father's World War II experience.

  • Pacific Time on Target: Memoirs of a Marine Artillery Officer, 1943-1945, 2012
  • Pogiebait's War, 2001

McCauley, Mary Bradley (1937 - )

Mary Bradley McCauley, a self-described Army brat and Army wife, is the mother of six children and thirteen grandchildren. She attended school in Pennsylvania and Germany and has traveled the world. For eighteen years she was a group tour travel advisor. She moved to Franklin in 2004 to be near three of her children. She described her novel, The House of Annon, as a metaphysical and philosophical exploration of universal one-ness and the desire for personal change.

  • The House of Annon, 2004

McCollum, Chris (1958 - )

An avid creator of stories, poems and songs, Chris McCollum finds it hard to stop writing. Born and raised in Memphis Tennessee, he has long loved in Williamson County. His book is a combination of adventure tales and morality fable, understandable on many levels.

  • The Land of Nuorg, 2009
photo Chris McCollum

McCullough, Edward P.

Edward P. McCullough was raised in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He gradualted from Mount Sterling High School in 1974 and the University of Kentucky in 1978. Early retirement in 2005 left ample time to pursue an interest in history. He moved to Williamson County in 1978.

  • The Native Americans in Williamson County, Tennessee, 2011
  • Early History of Montgomery County, Kentucky, 2009
  • Historic Montgomery County, Kentucky, 2006

McGee, Caroline (1957 - )

A graduate of Stratford High School in Nashville, Caroline McGee subsequently attended David Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville before earning her medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis. She received her Family Practice training in Roanoke, Virginia. Dr. McGee started a family practice, married, and began raising a family in Brentwood. Through personal experience as a mother and physician, she found a need for children's books that help children and families cope with learning and behavioral disorders. Her book deals with childhood onset bipolar disorder and is geared to ages 8-12. Adults have also been able to identify with the characters.

  • Matt, the Moody Hermit Crab, 2002

McGeachy, Pat

Born in Atlanta, Pat McGeachy descended from a long line of Presbyterian ministers.  Destined to follow in their steps, after receiving an A.B. at Davidson College, he received his B.D. and Th.M. from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, and STM and STD degrees at San Francisco Theological Seminary.  Most of his pastorates have been in Middle Tennessee with urban ministry as a focus. In addition to illustrating many books, he has been published widely in journals, has written two newspaper columns, worked in radio, taught, and spoken both in and outside the pulpit. He has published much of his poetry set to folk or hymn tunes. McGeachy describes himself as "a poet and preacher from Nolensville, Tennessee."

  • The Songs of Pat McGeachy, His Poems from 1936–1995, 1995
  • How to Stay Married, 1994
  • The International Lesson Annual, 1989–1996
  • The Good News Comes to Hemlock Hollow, 1982
  • A Country Communion, 1980
  • Meet the Presbyterians, 1978
  • Help, Lord!, 1978
  • Table Talk, 1976
  • Light Overcomes Darkness, 1976
  • Traveling Light, 1975
  • The Westminster Lectionary, 1974
  • A Presbyterian Congregation at Worship, 1974
  • In the Beginning, 1973
  • The Gospel According to Andy Capp, 1973
  • Beyond the Facts, Acts, 1973
  • The Church, God's Servant People, 1972
  • Common Sense and the Gospel, 1969
  • A Matter of Life and Death, 1966
  • International Lessons for Adults, 1962
  • International Lessons for Youth, 1960
  • Our Inheritance of Faith, 1958

McGee, Norman and Kay

Norman McGee and his wife, Kay, live in Arrington and have been residents of Williamson County for many years. Both are lifetime residents of Middle Tennessee. As family history enthusiasts, both have been involved in genealogy.

  • 1870 United States Census of Putnam County, Tennessee, 1989
  • 1880 United States Census of Putnam County, Tennessee, 1989

McGraw, Marjie

Marjie McGraw grew up in Wisconsin and then moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in English. Her professional writing career began in 1980 in Nashville when she took over the column "Rising Stars in New Artists." She became editor of Country Song Roundup and wrote about country music stars for major publications, such as the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, First, Single Styles, Savoy, Variety, Nashville Lifestyles, CD Review, and Microsoft En Carta Encyclopedia. She scripted a syndicated radio show and for eleven years wrote "Nashville Hotline." She is a contributing writer to Encyclopedia of Country Music.  Her interest in music also led to travel writing. McGraw is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Society of Professional Journalists.

  • ACCESS Nashville and Memphis, 2000
  • Absolutely Alabama, 1997
  • Great American Country Music Trivia Book, 1997

McGregor, Jim (1920 - )

Born into a family of cattlemen in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Jim McGregor graduated with a degree in animal husbandry from the University of Maryland. He served as a lead B-24 bomber pilot based in England during World War II. In the late 1950s, McGregor moved to Atlanta and formed McGregor-Vantress, a cattle-breeding corporation. After his company dissolved, he worked in financial sales. In 1996 he and his wife, Phyllis, moved to Brentwood. His writing career began in the 1980s with some short pieces that he finally expanded into his first book.

  • Don't Call Me Hero (with Lucas Boyd), 2003
  • Grief, the Healer, 1999
  • The Tao of Recovery, 1992
  • I Love Me Enough to Let Me Go, 1989
  • I Love You Enough to Let You Go, 1989

McInerney, Jay (1955 - )

Jay McInerney was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and spent much of his childhood in Europe. He graduated from Williams College and received fellowships from Princeton and Syracuse. After living in London, Vancouver, Tokyo, and New York City, he chose Franklin for his home. His short works have appeared in many periodicals including the Village Voice and the Paris Review.

  • Bacchus and Me, 2000
  • Model Behavior, 1998
  • The Last of the Savages, 1996
  • Brightness Falls, 1992
  • Story of My Life, 1988
  • Bright Lights, Big City, 1984
  • Ransom, 1985

McKaskie, Hayden M.

Hayden McKaskie was the founder of the Nashville Pond Society, a water gardening and Koi club in the Southeast. He has also been the publisher of The Lily Pad, a newsletter for water gardeners and pond keepers. An executive in the computer industry, he chose Franklin as his home.

  • Building Your First Pond

McKelvey, Douglas Kaine

Born in New Hampshire but raised in Texas, Douglas McKelvey was an eager reader from the first grade, an eagerness which led naturally into writing. Some early "traveling about" ended when he had the opportunity to come to Nashville to work with The Art House Foundation. He has since founded his own song publishing company (Songs Only Dogs Can Hear), married, and moved to Williamson County. His projects include songs, children's books, and Young Readers' novels. One of his projects features the artwork of Thomas Kincaid.

  • Locust Pocus, 2001
  • A Child's Christmas at St. Nicholas Circle, 1999
  • The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog, 1996
  • Cattail, Fishscale, and Snakeskin, 1994

McKinnon, K. C. see Pelletier, Cathy

McLellan, Elaine Hansen (1940 - )

As a member of a large family, a person of many interests, and one with practical knowledge of farming and rural life, Elaine McLellan realized she could take the serious, scholarly work of her brother, Charles E. Hansen, The Technology of Love, and render some of his ideas in a form accessible not only to the general public but also to children. Although she lived in Colorado much of her early life, she placed her book in Rudderville, Williamson County her home since 1984. Elaine McLellan is accomplished in business, music, writing and especially the arts of homemaking and log home building.

  • Gimpy's Secret…it's what's missing, 2010

McMurray, William J. (1842–1905)

William J. McMurray enlisted in the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment in 1861, eventually reaching the rank of first lieutenant. This regiment fought in every major engagement of the Army of Tennessee and suffered severe casualties. McMurray lost his left arm in the Battle of Atlanta. After the war, he returned to Williamson County and began the practice of medicine in 1869. In 1874 he was appointed to the Board of Health in Nashville and became vice-president of the Nashville Medical Society. A longtime member of the Tennessee Historical Society, he devoted much time to the causes of Confederate veterans.

  • History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, 1904
m last name

Meaders, Jim (1949 - )

Although born in Birmingham, Alabama, Jim Meaders spent his childhood and adolescence in Lakeland, Florida, He became an artist, beginning study at the Ringling School of Art and then graduating from Florida Southern College. He earned an M.F.A. in Visual Studies which included a semester of study in Europe, from Clemson University in South Carolina and went on to teach art on the university level in South Carolina, Georgia, and West Virginia. He finally came to the art department of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He also writes both fiction and poetry. His first published novel is fiction based on his own adolescence in Lakeland.

  • –The Summer of my Fourteenth Year, 2010
Jim Meaders

Miller, Dan (1947 - )

Born in Buffalo, New York, Dan Miller grew up in the farmlands of Ohio. At Ohio State University, he earned a Master's Degree in psychology. From that vantage point, he became an entrepreneur, then a life coach, and finally a writer. He began to write as a means to expand his center of influence, a means to relay his message to more people. He has worked on content for several websites, Sunday School curriculum, and magazines, as well as books. His own life experience and hearing those of other people were the inspiration for him to begin these books. 

  • –48 Days to the Work You Love, 2005
  • –48 Days to the Work You Love, workbook and audio CDs
  • –48 Days to Creative Income, workbook and audio CDs

Miller, Nancy Amelia Greer  (1902-2002)

Born in Thompson's Station, Nancy Amelia Miller attended Franklin schools and Ward-Belmont before receiving her undergraduate and M.A. degrees from Peabody College.  She taught and was later director of learning resources at Eastern Kentucky University until her retirement in 1973.

  • Homespun Tales, 1989

Mitchamore, Pat

For thirteen years, Pat Mitchamore was executive director/producer of the Mr. Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band and was special promotions director for the Jack Daniel's Distillery. She is considered the foremost historian on the distillery. A resident of Brentwood, she has also worked with the James Bear Foundation.

  • Postcards from Jack Daniel's: The Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook (co-author), 1995
  • Miss Mary Bobo's Boardinghouse Cookbook, 1994
  • Tennessee Legend with a Pictorial of Old Bottles and Jugs
  • Jack Daniel's Old Time Barbecue Cookbook
  • Jack Daniel's Hometown Celebration Cookbook
  • Jack Daniel's The Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook

Monk, Donny

Donny Monk, a native of Louisiana, has a degree in music from Louisiana State University and has done additional study at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. He has made his home in Williamson County.  He has worked as a writer and arranger of music and as a session vocalist. 

  • Silent Night, a Mouse Tale (co-author, Betsy Hernandez), 1992

Moody, Susan Sims (1970 - )

Susan Sims Moody was born in Memphis and raised in Southaven, Mississippi. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.A. in Communications. Her mystery novel is set in a fictitious town in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Susan currently resides in Thompson's Station.

  • Flatlands, 2003

Moore, Catherine (1966 - )
Catherine Moore's work has appeared in Grey Sparrow, Tahoma Literary Review, Southeast Review, and in anthologies most recently by Pankhearst Press. Her poems have garnered First Place prizes with both the Mississippi and Alabama State Poetry Society contests. She is the winner of the Southeast Review's 2014 Gearheart Poetry Prize and was nominated to "The Best Small Fictions of 2015." Her chapbook "Story" is available with Finishing Line Press.
  • Story, 2015

Moore, Rodney J. (1967 - )
Rodney was born in Crestline, Ohio and raised in Goheenville, Pennsylvania. He divides his time now between Thompson's Station, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. With degrees in Communications and Journalism, Rodney has held several editorial and communications positions with national publications, as well as with media/broadcasting companies. He now writes full time.
  • The Bun Also Rises: an Inspiring True Story of Bravery, Bull-headedness, Branding, and Yes, Buns, 2007
  • Design Secrets: Layout, 2004
Rodney J. Moore

Moorehead, Cleatus

Cleatus Moorehead, a former resident of Brentwood, was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, graduated from Midwestern University, and has an M.A. from Tennessee State University. For many years she taught kindergarten at Scales Elementary and later served for several years as a Gifted Consultant for the Williamson County school system.

  • Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child, (editor and co-author), 1983
  • WEE Learn: A Curriculum Guide for Five-Year-Olds (with others), 1995
  • Math Made Fun for Young Children, 1981
  • If I Were…, 1979

Morgan, Marshall (1908-1967)

Descended from Williamson County pioneers, Marshall Morgan was born in New Orleans but grew up in Franklin and later attended Tulane University. Before he was 30, he had written an account of the Battle of Franklin. In the early years of his writing, he was recipient of the Southern Poetry Award. During World War II he served in both combat intelligence and combat correspondence for Star and Stripes. An authority on the Civil War, he was published in Harper's, Sewanee Review, and other periodicals. He also wrote radio dramas depicting southern history that were produced on Nashville radio stations. Morgan wrote for both the Nashville Banner and the Tennessean, and for many years he wrote a local history column "Here Today…" for the Review Appeal

  • The Battle of Franklin, 1936

Morris, Shelly Gail

A year's life in Franklin inspired a whole book of short stories. Shelly Morris grew up in Georgia but spent a wonderful year in Franklin in 1995. Then she moved to Napierville, Illinois, near Chicago. In addition to her collections, she has short stories published in journals.

  • Ordinary Women, Not, 2003
  • The Wondrous Ways of Women, 2001

Moses, Timothy J. (1968 - )

Timothy Moses spent his early years in the Grassland community. His family moved to Rochester, Minnesota, where his father was a research scientist for the Mayo Clinic. When Dr. Moses became head of Vanderbilt's cancer research program, Moses finished high school at Battle Ground Academy. His talents with computers enabled him to start a successful computer business while still an undergraduate student at Vanderbilt, and he has continued to be a leader in that field.

  • Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet (with Greg Suskind), 1996

Mosley, Ernest E.

Ernest E. Mosley was born in Texarkana, Arkansas, and received his B.A. degree from Ouachita Baptist College and his master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor at various Baptist churches in Arkansas, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Australia, and has been a supervisor in the Church Administration Department of the Baptist Sunday School Board. He edited The Baptist Program from 1987 to 1993. He was executive vice-president of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee from 1987 to April, 1998. He has held many leadership positions in church and community service organizations.

  • Basics for New Baptists, 1990
  • Basics for New Baptists, Youth Edition, 1990
  • Priorities in Ministry, 1978
  • Leadership Profiles from Bible Personalities, 1975
  • The Up Side of Down: Helps for Hospital Patients, 1974
  • Vocational Guidance in a Church (co-author), 1974
  • Called to Joy: A Design for Pastoral Ministries, 1973
  • The Deacon Family Ministry Plan, 1973
Mudigonda, Ashwin 1981 - )

Ashwin Mudigonda was born in Hyderabad, India ; he grew up in Madras, India. His interest in writing began during his college days when looking for reasons to procrastinate from studying. He discovered Stephen King, Peter Benchely, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook and other American authors. After that he was hooked on reading, then not long after he began to develop ideas for short stories which led him into writing.

The turning point in his writing occurred when he won a national level short story writing competition. After reading his firs Salman Rushdie novel, he was drawn to literary works from Indian authors. Nearly ten years after writing his first short story, he wrote a first novel.

His professional studies took him in the direction of electrical engineering where he received a Master's Degree. He works as a robotics engineer with androids designing software and hardware for performing complex chores.

Mudigonda lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

  • Kamappan's Revenge, 2011, ebook
image of Ashwin Mudigonda
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