Local Author's Biography Online Form


All Williamson County authors are invited to join the ranks of distinguished authors included in this online resource.

The requirements are simple:

  • published a book or anthology
  • currently living in the county for at least one year
  • or formerly residing in Williamson County, Tennessee
  • complete the Questionnaire Word Document or PDF file

The Library requests:

  • an autographed copy of your book for the library's Local Author Collection
  • a second copy for the circulating collection

For additional information send us an email at: spcoll@williamson-tn.org.

Local Author's Biography Form


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Where were you born?

Where did you grow up?

If you are no longer a resident of Williamson County, what years did you reside here?

Where do you reside now?

Are these places significant to your writing? How?

Was your education significant to your writing? How?

Where and when did your interest in writing begin?

Briefly sketch in your career:


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