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teen calendar of events
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BOARD GAME AFTERNOON 4:00-5:00 Wednesday February 3. Join us as we break out Jenga, bring out the Uno deck, master Clue, and test our vocab with Scrabble, and lots of other board and card games at our Game Afternoon! Bonus: Hone your chess skills using our GIANT CHESS BOARD!!

STAR WARS CLUB 4:00-5:00 Monday, February 8. Have you seen THE FORCE AWAKENS? Come chat about it – and the other movies in the series! Bonus: dress up as your favorite Star Wars character, play Star Wars games and chat about all things Star Wars!

WHATCHA' READIN' Book Club 4:00-5:00 Wednesday, February 16. Join us for our most popular book club yet! You don't have to read the same book or even the same author's books! Come chat with us about what you're reading, what you've read and loved, and learn about new titles coming out!

CHESS & STRATEGY CLUB 2:00-4:00 Saturday, February 20. Show off your skills at our monthly Chess & Strategy Club! We play various strategy games in addition to Chess!

BUTTON MAKING 4:00-5:00 Tuesday, Feburary 23. Jazz up your book bag with awesome personalized buttons that you make yourself! We provide the materials, you provide the creativity.

TEEN ADVISORY GROUP 2:00-4:00 Saturday, February 27. We're back for the NEW YEAR, and we need YOU to help us! You'll get to pick books, anime, and dvds for our collection, help us plan programs for the Teen Department, and work on special projects that cater to YOUR interests and talents!